Before back to school adventure

Thankfully we arrived at this past weekend with no illness (though not for J’s lack of trying!), and took the boys on a last hurrah trip before school begins. On a side note, J still does not like riding in the car. At all. Luckily our trip to the aquarium and children’s museum in Chattanooga was only about 2 hours each way, which limited the amount of times we had to restart Elmo the Musical and play Carly Rae Jepsen songs.

A was just as enamored with the butterflies as he was the first time we went, and that’s where we spent most of the time when we were at the aquarium.

IMG_2921His favorite was a big blue butterfly that kept swooping around him, which he ducked for cover each time, but then excitedly went looking for it again.

IMG_2930He also was excited about the flowers that he found that were similar to the ones he had picked out earlier this summer. “Yup, smells tasty” he stated.

The most hilarious part of the aquarium trip, my husband told me about after. While in the jellyfish area (which is dark), A and I were wandering around together and B was wandering around with J. J likes to pat things (like he will come over and give your shoulder a pat if you are sitting down, or he will pat the fridge to tell you he wants something), so naturally he was going around patting each of the large cylinder jellyfish containers to tell B he wanted up to see them. Apparently, J in his hurry ran up and patted a large man on the booty and then realized it was not a jellyfish container and ran off. The man whirled around and B said he pointed at J, saying “it was him not me, dude”. Seriously, hilarious. I really am disappointed I missed that!

IMG_2932J was pretty subdued overall at the aquarium, especially when he was in the stroller.

J’s favorite part of our trip was the water tables and cooking area at the children’s museum.

IMG_2943I honestly think he could have spent all day right here. Scooping water. Obviously I just need a big water tub and a fish net scoop for outside play.

I was so glad we got to make this trip before we returned to the hustle of work, school, and soccer. A was excited to have stories to tell about his adventures when he returned to school!

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