Back to school outfit, A style

Back to School StyleIt’s a tradition in our house to pick out back to school outfits, and with the addition of being in kindergarten A also has some new cool school items. I thought I would share a bit more about them if you would like to read…

1. Old Navy Chambray shirt. Okay let’s be honest…after the first day I may never get him in this shirt again, however, as his Momma I’m obligated to try to style him up a bit.

2. Straight khaki shorts with a belt. Pretty much his favorite. Old Navy fits him the best.

3. H&M T-Shirt. A light weight shirt to go under the chambray shirt that he can wear with or without the other shirt later. I love H&M shirts, because they are a bit slimmer and longer, so they fit longer.

4. Skechers Sneakers. A seriously needs some new shoes (that the tongues don’t fall to the side). I like these because they aren’t outrageously bright, and are the style he likes.

5. Mario Back pack. I’m going to tell you right now that I agreed to this back pack before I found out that it had epileptic seizure inducing lights on the front of it. They blink. All the time. ALL THE TIME. I’ve already called in an expert (my Mom), and operation “remove the blinking box” is planned for this weekend.

6 & 7. Ninja Turtle Thermos and Lunch box. So Mario won’t be alone, and they can all fight crime together. Or stop the kidnapping of princesses. Stuff like that.

8. Sports nap mat. I couldn’t find an exact replica of the one I found at our local school supply store, but the one above is similar. You can find them on amazon, but I would check locally as well and price compare. These can get pretty fancy and pricey! Not like the nap mat I had back in my day….I also had to walk a mile to school in the snow. Not really. But seriously…his nap mat came with an attached pillow and blanket. I’m surprised there wasn’t a cloth cup holder in the top. Continuing on…

And that’s it! I am going out with a coupon this weekend to pick up the outfit and shoes, but our back pack, lunch box, thermos, and nap mat are bought and ready to go!*

*Except for the blinking box. Ha!

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