Back to School: My Edition!

Summer to Fall TransitionBack to school for the boys also means back to school for me, both at work and with their various activities. I complied some of my favorites (and upcoming favorites!), for easy transitions between room mom to college instructor if you would like to see….

On Clothes….I’m working to incorporate more dresses into my wardrobe because it’s easier than trying to wrap my mind around separates at 5:45 in the morning. Both of these dresses will work great for now and then can transition to fall with tights, a sweater and boots.

On Accessories….As I’ve discussed before I have the worst time picking out accessories. I like picking ones I can wear with lots of different things. The earrings, belt, bracelet, and bag can be worn with both dresses.

On Make-Up…I love to find a little more daring polishes for fall, I cut my nails short so they aren’t as drastic, and I like to couple that with a more subtle lip gloss. NARS Chihuahua is one of my very favorites.

On Shoes…A sandal keeps it summery, a pump makes it more professional, and the low boots are a way to make it a little more trendy without over doing it. And on a side note…those boots (and the belt) are available at Target on September 14th from their new Altuzzara collection. They really couldn’t be more fabulous, could they?

You can find all the product information here! And as you all know…no one is endorsing me to say this. Except maybe J. He is a big advocate of me having more jewelery and shoes that he can take and hide around the house. HA!

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