Back to School, J Style

Back to SchoolI should probably have entitled this post: The Tale of Two Ninja Turtle backpacks…as it certainly was. But first, a little more about this very J approved outfit….

1. Blue button shirt from Gap. I showed J several shirts on-line and he said “I like dat one”. So that’s the one I picked.

2. Khaki shorts from Old Navy. J is the youngest of three boys around here (A plus my nephews), which means he gets LOTS of hand-me-downs. He has three pairs of khaki shorts, and I was not going to buy him new. His favorites are from Old Navy.

3. New kicks! These Saucony Jazz Shoes from DSW are on their way today. Somehow I missed the 9.5 stage for A and J needs a 9.5. So, new shoes it is.

4 & 6. Old Navy Batman socks and Batman “Hydration Bottle” (that’s what they call it!) . J is recently enamored with “Bat Guy” and all things “Bat Guy”, so these socks and cup are right up his alley.

5. And lastly, I’m sure you’re thinking you’ve seen that lunchbox before. It’s the original lunchbox A had picked out. Then at Target he saw another Ninja Turtle lunchbox that he liked better, so he asked to exchange them. I said yes, and then J picked up the other lunchbox at home and said “Dis my lunch”. And so it is.

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