Back to Church!

This weekend was a repeat of last weekend with baseball and TBall games, and my life of laundry is this:

LaundryI swear someone is in hysterics laughing every time they decide that kids in the south should play baseball in white pants. We have RED dirt. RED.

And the weather was still windy and cold: Windy SmilesCome on Spring! What’s the deal?? What’s the point in warming up the globe with all of our toxic emissions if it isn’t going to be warm?

We also had a birthday party for A’s BFF in the mix… Video GamesAnd on Sunday after a month and a half of having someone either sick in our house, or getting over being sick in our house, we made it back to church! So we celebrated by eating lunch out:  After church lunch Back to churchAnd apparently I color coordinated our outfits with me and A and B and J. HA!

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