Baby Food

I had to pass this tidbit of information along to other Moms who may be more savvy than me and already know this, or my have missed it like I did! When my little cupcake started eating meats mixed in with his baby food I had a really hard time finding different types. I also found that many of them had so many different mix-ins that it almost defeated the purpose of giving him meats. I was shopping at Babies R Us the other day and they carry a Gerber baby food product that has 2nd foods that are just meats. There are three types turkey, chicken, and beef, and they are just plain turkey with turkey gravy, chicken with chicken gravy, etc. They are also smaller, so you are able to introduce them and check for reactions without using up a 3.5 or 4 oz jar of baby food. Our local grocery stores do not carry these, so I would have missed them. I don’t usually think of Babies R Us for baby food as we are usually shopping there for other things, but they actually have a pretty big selection. Considering we live about 45 minutes from the nearest Babies R Us we usually don’t go there often, but I would consider it in the future for the selection.

Perhaps if I give Babies R Us enough press, they’ll just decide to build one closer, hahaha.

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