A’s list for baby “Ferb”

I’m blogging this because it’s my way of writing down what I really do not want to forget! A has taken a real interest in baby Ferb (Did I mention we have nicknamed the baby “Ferb” until we come up with a real name? Because they are going to be born in…that’s right Ferbuary. HA!). I think I have taken on a whole new coolness level with my nephew with this, who also suggested Phineas and Perry the Platypus. Anyway…A is very interested in what baby Ferb will need when they arrive. So here is his on-going list (completely A created, without my influence) of what baby Ferb needs:

Baby pacifiers: In A’s words “Baby Ferb needs baby pass. Not too big”

I’m really digging these new Avent ones. We searched for these (because they are like the hospital ones) when A was born and couldn’t find them. Now they are everywhere!

Baby bottles

We used Avent bottles with A and they leaked like crazy. My husband really wants to re-use them (because they were expensive!) but I think he is forgetting how many times he cursed those bottles at two a.m. I am thinking of switching to Dr. Brown’s because my sister had really good luck with those.


We are borrowing the crib from my parents house (similar to this style here). A keeps reminding us to go get it.

Baby sheets

A wants to make sure the baby has their own sheets. I like this style from pottery barn, it is fitting with mod black/yellow theme I am working towards.


A is concerned about the peeps that Baby Ferb will have. I did relent on this one and let him pick out one early. So now we have a Patrick the Pup.

My sweet boy (this is his early morning look) will be such a good big brother!

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