A’s last first day of pre-K

Today A entered his very last year of pre-K before he moves on to the big world of elementary school. As you can see here he was totally calm:

IMG_2953This is his smile where I can hear myself saying “Smile, A. No normal. No stand still. Stopping moving back. No you aren’t looking at me. Try to look at Mommy. A, hello? Are you listening to Mommy?”. So obviously a totally stress free situation. Kind of makes me wonder if that’s why my Dad doesn’t like his picture taken…HA!

Anyway, A marched into pre-K and didn’t look back. He grinned as he left the hall (and luckily J was just nervous enough about all the people that he wasn’t trying to run off…yet) to go into his classroom. And it made me so, so happy when one of his friends from last year (who is in his class again), said “Hey A! Cool, you’re here! Come sit by me!” Isn’t that the best?

He returned home with two stickers for good behavior, and even ate some of the cucumber slices I put in his lunch! We played outside for a good while after he returned home to run off some of the energy of sitting and listening at school. He told me he is excited to work on sight words and use his new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pencil box he got to bring to school. He also told me very seriously “and the ninja turtles box has to stay at school. It’s for the work I do”. HA! I’m so excited to see all the ways he grows and learns this year!

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  1. Great memories! I would love to see a series of these first day shots side by side. He looks so tall here!

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