A’s favorite bike trail

nature preserve trail 5I wanted to call this post “the trail that did me and my allergies in”, but that seemed long-winded. After successfully navigating many weekends of hiking with the boys, this past weekend’s trail apparently crested my allergy limit. It was either that or the lively game of kickball we played with my sister’s family that afternoon…or probably a combination of both. I finally had to tell my outdoor loving boys that for one day Mommy could not go outside to play. Anyway, this is one of A’s favorite trails, so I thought I would share….

nature preserve trail 6A’s favorite bike trail is located in the Hampton Cove area and it connects to the Hayes nature preserve about 3/4 of a mile down the path. It is paved and there is a good four feet of grass on either side of the pavement, making it less covered than many of the other areas we hike on.

nature preserve trail 7A likes it because it is a smooth pavement and he can ride “really fast” on his bike with one of us jogging beside. However, J does not care for this trail. Since it is less covered and all pavement, it tends to be hot during the summer. Even with snacks and drinks, we end up carrying J a good part of the trail.

nature preserve trail However, J really likes the wild flowers that are along the trail, and we can usually plod him along with the promise of seeing those and getting to reach the stream.

nature preserve trail 3The stream is at the 3/4 mile mark and right at the entrance to the Hayes nature preserve. After heavy rains we have seen the stream completely flood the path, and rush at a pace that we have to turn around without the boys being able to get close. However, when there hasn’t been a lot of rain it barely moves, and there are actually spots where the boys can stand with us in the middle of it.

nature preserve trail 2As you see A here striking a pose before he tossed a rock. I’ve determined that rock throwing is a genetically embedded desire of all boys. Seriously, I’ve never seen the enjoyment of it, but I can watch those boys stand there and toss little pebbles into the water for the longest time. I think J would stand there all day…as long as he has a snack. Oh, and A skipped a rock five times across the water. It was pretty stellar.

nature preserve trail 4I also like the stream area because it is a bit more shaded than the rest of the trail. The trail is not as scenic as other parts of the preserve, however it gives A a great opportunity to get in bike riding practice and once J is riding a bike I think it will be a favorite for both of them!

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