A’s family party

After all the fun of A’s kid party we then switched gears for the family party that evening. A asked for 4 specific things for his birthday: a 3DS (with a Mario game), two Minecraft Lego sets, and a Minecraft plush skeleton. And he got all of them from the family! He was so pumped!

A7 A7One thing he got from B and I that he didn’t ask for was a multi-colored pen. This kid loves office supplies. HA!

A7Sharing the excitement of the skeleton he got from my sister’s family….he read it Minecraft books later that night. So cute!A7 A7The after opening gifts dance off… A7And finally blowing out the candle on his pan of birthday brownies:

A7He told me he had “the best birthday party day ever!” So glad for his terrific day!

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