A’s Christmas Cookie Competition

Christmas Cookie CompetitionSo A has been making a long list of cookies he wants to make over the holidays. He has lots of cookie combination ideas (some crazier than others). He decided that he wanted to turn it into a “cookie competition” and he is the judge. Seriously. This kid. We are making a chart and everything. So may the best cookie win!
First up, A wanted to make a berry white chocolate chip cookie. Thanks to the benefit of Pinterest that exact cookie practically fell into my lap.

IMG_7059 IMG_7067These cherry vanilla chocolate chip cookies definitely lived up to A’s expectations! As it was stated in the recipe, these are definitely cookies that get better with age. The first day they were great, but the second and third day? Even better. You’re going to think the vanilla extract amount is crazy, but it works perfectly. The tartness from the cherries balances the sweetness of the white chocolate chip. You’re going to love it! Until the next cookie enters the competition!

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