Art with Kids: String Art

String ArtFor our second art in the afternoon session, we filled A’s art bucket list and actually talked about Pollock (rather than just putting his information on the board in our kitchen and not doing the project). I have a bit more about Kandinsky, Pollock, and String Art if you’d like to read…

For this project we talked about the abstract art of Pollock and Kandinsky. I talked with the kids about how Pollock used to throw paint at a canvas (which they thought was pretty great), and how that’s an outside project. HA! We read the Noisy Paint Box, and looked at Kandinsky’s Composition X, and Pollock’s The Tea Cup. Then we did the Art Lab project: String Art.

Here are our lovely assistants helping us set-up:

AssistantsMy first idea was to put the paint on paper plates then let them dip their nylon string in the paint and walk it to the watercolor paper that we had placed in the box…

String ArtI quickly realized this was a bad idea because there were strings swinging everywhere and I could just see them hitting their clothes and each other with paint (and the fence). So then I got the smart idea to put the paint in the box…

String ArtThis worked much better.

String ArtIt took them a few minutes to get the idea of dipping and pulling the string across the paper, but once they caught on it worked great! We had thought about trying different types of string material, but it took a bit of work to set this up, so I thought it was better to keep it simple.

Here are their finished projects:

String Art: AString Art: GNow you could stop here. I let the pictures dry for a few minutes while we carried them in, and then I let them pick one paint brush to layer the painting, and add some different textures. And that’s it!

Materials Needed:

Heavy water color paper

Acrylic Paint (colors of your choosing)

Nylon (or other heavy duty) string

Large but shallow cardboard box

Artist Facts


Born: 1886

From: Russia

Movement: Expressionism, Modern Art

Medium: Paint

Notable Work: Composition X


Born: 1912

From: America

Movement: Abstract Art

Medium: Paint

Notable Work: The Tea Cup

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