Art with Kids: Rothko

Rothko IMG_5367Rothko is one of my favorites for his use of color blocking. In addition, he has a terrific painting that uses only black and gray shading, which I thought would be a perfect project for A because he loves black and gray (“they show up the best,” he says).

I loved his picture so much, I added it to our bedroom gallery wall:

RothkoIt’s amazing the amount of depth it has. I told him to think about adding texture (there is a great Sesame Street episode that the boys love that discusses texture, as well) and creating dimension through it (in kid terms).

And while A was painting, J painted at the easel with watercolors:

RothkoAnd later I found this:

RothkoCan you see the heart he made in his painting?? I’m sure it was pure artistic genius.

And here are our facts about Rothko:

Born in 1903


Abstract Expressionism, Color Field


Untitled (Black and Gray)

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