Art with Kids: Raphael

A REALLY wanted to learn about Raphael, but I had a hard time finding paintings that were a different way to do an art study. Then I came upon St. George and the Dragon. After that I knew what we would do.

First, we wrote down our facts:

Facts about RaphaelThen, I talked to A about creating a storyboard for the painting. I drew six squares and had him tell me the story in six parts (what happened first, second, third, etc.):

Storyboard a Painting Art with KidsAfter I wrote down the story I had A go back and draw pictures that coordinated with each part.

Last, we collected their dragons and dragon puppets and the boys acted out the story (which was really just a lot of dragon puppet throwing and yelling):

IMG_5340 IMG_5332However, I think they got the idea. It was a fun way to mix up the lesson a bit. Happy art learning!

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