Art with Kids: Primary Colors

Art with Kids: Primary ColorsWe have just a few short weeks before the boys start school, and for a few of those afternoons we are getting together with friends to do art in the afternoon. Our first lesson was about primary colors and sketching if you would like to see..

The first thing we did was talk about color mixing and creating your own palette of colors. We read the book “Mouse Paint” and then used heavy watercolor paper to mix red, yellow, blue, white, and black.

Color Mixing Color MixingI made up little art cards for A and G, and our particular artist for this round was Mondrian. I chose Mondrian because he painted in primary colors. We looked at the painting Amaryllis on the iPad.

We used acrylic paint, but you could easily do the activity with washable paint if you have younger kids. They had the best time with this activity, swirling the paint to combine the primary colors to make complimentary colors, and seeing what a difference it makes to add white or black paint to the colors. I used a classic color book and a pastel color book to talk just a little bit about hues and contrasts.

Then we moved to an activity from the art lab for kids book I had purchased back in June. We did scribble drawings which are based on the artist Anne Smith and her drawing Bird Walk. A was starting to get done at this point, and they worked more on their own to find pictures rather than as a group, as the activity suggests. I think this worked better for them, and they really liked finding their own pictures and painting them. They used water color paper for the scribbles and then card stock for the cut out scribble pictures. They painted our scribbles with water colors.

Scribble drawings Scribble drawings Water color scribble drawings Water color scribble drawingsWhile I think they liked the scribble drawing part, both A and G loved the painting part (who doesn’t like mixing paint?).

Here are our facts on Mondrian:

Born: 1899

From: The Netherlands

Movement: De Stijl

Medium: Oil Paint

Notable Work: Amaryllis

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