Art with kids: Picasso

Picasso is a bit of a wild card artist (as many are). I had to be really thoughtful about the choice of paintings for A to look over, but the activities for it were pretty fun.

We did three things:

1. Creating texture and dimension through paper cutting.

2. Painting Picasso’s blue period with water colors

3. Making and drawing silly faces.

We created texture and dimension by cutting up different construction paper pieces and then gluing them on paper to create a picture:

Paper cutting Cutting and paper creatingThis was a really great activity for A, not so much for J. J was having an off day and was really not interested in doing anything, but trying to rip apart whatever A was working on. I finally had to move the whole thing to the table during J’s nap time for A to finish.

2. The water color painting was more up J’s alley as it was messy and outside. I didn’t take any pictures, but I just told A to use colors in the shade of blue (purples, blacks, and various blues were incorporated), and then I showed him a Picasso painting (this one is a great example) on my phone. He had a great time recreating the painting in his own vision.

3. And last, we made lots of silly faces and tried to draw each others’ silly faces. A collage like this:

Funny FacesIs good inspiration. I also really liked this worksheet, that you can download and use to create different faces (it does cost money, though).

Picasso Fast Facts

Born in 1881


Modern Art

Painter, Sculptor, Ceramicist

Inspirational Paintings: “La Soupe”, “Ma Jolie”, “The Accordionist”

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