Art with Kids: Cubism and Tissue Art

Tissue ArtFor our last art session we discussed the work of Cezanne and Picasso and the art movement, Cubism. This is a fun one to discuss with kids because it it’s a lot about sharp shapes and images, and they can pick up on the ideas of it easily. To combine with our art history discussion we also did a tissue paper canvas craft if you would like to read more…

To start out our session we looked at Ma Jolie and Chateau Noir and read the book “The Perfect Square” by Michael Hall. The book goes great with this art movement because it discussed a square being torn, cut, etc. to make different shapes and pictures. Which is exactly what we did with card stock and tissue paper after we read the book.

Canvas ArtInstead of buying modpodge I mixed a simple solution of glue and water, so the kids could decoupage the card stock and tissue paper onto the canvas. I helped them cut out different shapes, and I also had some ready made shapes with the card stock.

Canvas Art The most important thing about creating this is you want to start with the card stock on the bottom and end up with the tissue paper on top. I showed the kids how to use as little glue as possible, and carefully place it on the paper so it doesn’t rip the tissue paper.

And we took a little picture at the end of our art class! J included!

Art Picture!It was such a fun way to end the summer! I think the kids learned something and had fun making art!

And here is a bit more on the artists we discussed…


Born in: 1881

From: Spain

Movement: Cubism

Medium: Paint, Ceramics

Notable Work: Ma Jolie


Born in: 1839

Movement: Cubism

Medium: Oil Paint, Watercolor

Notable Work: Chateau Noir


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