Are You Ready For Some Football??

Ah the Superbowl….for my sister and I it’s the Oscars and that’s another month away. For my husband and brother in law apparently it is about a football game. And food. And commercials…(Natalie Portman in the movie Thor? What’s up with that?). Doesn’t the little girl in Adventures in Babysitting (circa late 80s early 90s) really like Thor? Am I wrong on this? ANYWAY. It was a particularly nice day so we spent some time outside washing cars (Super A and my husband did this) and then watching the game with my sister and her family until bedtime for the boys. So here is a re-cap in pictures of our day….

Super A making a shop vac out of a bucket and a jump rope

Waiting to help wash wheels

Washing wheels

Then switching gears to the game…

We finally figured out that, AHA, if we moved Super A’s kitchen into the living room we could watch the game and the boys all at the same time! HA!

Look at this sweet love.

I got video of the boys dancing at half time (which was HILARIOUS) but no pictures. Thankfully I did get a picture of this…

I am still laughing!

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