Apollo’s Fortieth

Today we visited the Space and Rocket Center to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. We and about four thousand other Marshall Space Flight Center employees trekked through the Davidson Center, and the outside areas to see the different exhibits, astronauts, and more! I was quite appreciative that A is still little enough that we didn’t have to stand in line for rides. I’m sure that will come soon enough. A was happy enough to just look at all the people and the kids. A finds kids fascinating right now and he likes to wave at everyone (except on command, he will not wave on command. I suppose he is a bit stubborn in that way, not sure where he gets that!). He is still having a bit of stranger anxiety, but overall he does pretty well as long as he is in his stroller or we are holding him. Our tale of hat drama ends here, as he decided to take off his hat and throw it away when we were not looking. He got half way back to our car (which was a loooonnnngg trip) and I realized he didn’t have his hat anymore. So Brian ran all the way back to the center looking for it. Luckily someone was nice enough to place it by one of the planters so it didn’t get tromped all over. Perhaps I need to get a tie for it so he will keep it on. I have a feeling he would figure a way to take it off. We did get a picture of the three of us as a nice couple offered to take our picture outside. The woman that offered to take our picture was doing her best to get A’s attention so he would look at the camera, but he was distracted by all the other people nearby. I like the picture because it looks like we are the only ones there (we were definitely not).

You can vaguely see the Saturn V in the background
You can vaguely see the Saturn V in the background

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