And…we’re back!

Yesterday when the mail came I heard the postal worker set a box on the front porch. I ran outside, not knowing if it was some of the Christmas gifts I had ordered, or if it was what I had been waiting for…our battery and ac adapter. I did a dance of glee when I discovered it was, indeed, our battery and ac adapter. Unfortunately I awoke this morning to my husband telling me that our laptop doesn’t recognize the new battery. Maybe because they’ve never met? HA! However, the ac adapter works, so he can sort out the other mess and I have my life blog back.

I was going to do several posts over the next few days, but I figured that was silly because no one will be reading the next few days because of Thanksgiving! So here is a wrap-up of what we have been up to over the last week.

Before I begin…signs of fall at our house include…

Pink flowers and bumble bees. Isn’t that a spring thing?

We have enjoyed the several days of seventy degree weather and taken full advantage of it, playing outside, taking walks, and mastering the art of bubble blowing!

We got out all the chalk.

And after many, many tries…

And getting quite a bit of spit on his face…

Super A mastered the art of blowing bubbles!

I finally broke down and bought an ironing board. Until this point we had this sad little ironing board square that was on the top of the hamper I had in college. It worked really well when I was a college student, but now not so much. I finally found a reason to use my 20% bed, bath, and beyond coupon!

Putting together the ironing board. Notice the intense concentration. HA!

And speaking of new…I got Super A’s Christmas pajamas. They are Nick and Nora for Target with little rockets, Santas, and stars. He LOVES them. He has worn them every night since we got them and would wear them all day if I let him. Here are some pictures of him making calls when he got them to tell people about them…

Dialing the phone…

I know this picture is a bit out of focus, but it was so cute!

Besides all this fun, we have been planning for Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving shopping, and I’ve been trying to get my final exam written. Oh and we connected all the pieces of Super A’s wooden train track…

Look at Super A’s face. In his words “be excited!”

After he finished he said “Woah…I thirsty Momma”. It’s a lot of work connecting all that track!

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