And now M is 6!

Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew! He told me matter of factly at his party that “he will always be the oldest”. He also has told me that he will teach A how to play with baby J. Hilarious! I honestly cannot believe he is already 6, and I’m sure any of my grad school friends reading this can’t either, considering he was born the year we graduated!

We all had a great time celebrating at his Star Wars themed party!

Opening presents

J slept through the whole party!

Nothing like Star Wars to make sheets (and underwear, HA!) exciting!

A thinks he can read now. He kept saying “Oh M let me read the card to you, I can help you with that.”

This particular card was HILARIOUS.

My sister and I have a deal to take pictures of each other at events so we don’t get to be 50 and realize there were never any pictures taken of us!

“oh cool a helmet for my scooter” M stated. Nope not your scooter.

It was for a brand new bike!

Prepping for blowing out his number 6 candle!

Family picture! Yea! Happy Birthday!

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