An epic lego wall and other adventures

B planned a little happy for the boys for the end of Spring Break. Nashville is a “quick” two hour jaunt from our house. I say that in quotations because we hit a major construction zone and what should have been two hours turned out to be FOUR. FOUR unplanned hours. However, the boys did amazingly well, thank goodness for car DVD players!

We arrived at the Lego Store and the boys were immediately mesmerized by all the displays:


And then A saw this:

lego 2A wall of Legos. That he could pick out individually and fill a huge cup of. Honestly, I thought he was going to jump through the roof with excitement. Then he got to build three Lego people of his choosing. For A this was the best day ever, and since J loves everything A loves he had a great time too.

lego 3I could barely get a picture of him with his loot since he was dancing around with happiness. After all that Lego creating we decided to go to the closest restaurant for a very late lunch, which happened to be the Rainforest Cafe. I wasn’t sure how the boys were going to like it because it is VERY loud, however:

lego 7They thought it was awesome, B included! J was on a look out for tigers and A thought the monkeys were hilarious.

Since we were already all out and about, B had planned a walk through of the Opryland Hotel, since it has tons of water features (J’s favorite thing) and gelato and coffee (my favorite).

I got some great pictures of the boys:

lego 8 lego 6

And one a bit fuzzy (but one of my favorites) of A and I:

lego 5Both boys had the best time, and on par with their personalities, A slept the whole way home and J yelled for most of it.

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