Alphabet lists

As we wound down the week of spring break, I broke out the stamps and crayons and we letter stamped the boys’ first initials, and then A and I made an alphabet list.

A stamped his initial on his own:

Stamping Lists / CupcakesandcommentaryAnd made a pattern of egg, worm, butterfly…which he was pretty excited about.

I held J’s hand and stamped his letter:

Letter stamping / CupcakesandcommentaryBut he was most interested in coloring…and then trying to eat the crayons. So he was done pretty quickly.

After I put J down for his morning nap, A and I made an alphabet word list on his easel:

Alphabet Word List / CupcakesandcommentaryWhich is a great activity for his age. I go through each letter of the alphabet and ask him if he can think of a word that starts with that letter. If he gets stuck I give him hints that lead him towards a word. Then whenever he sees the different words he can recognize them.

Quick, easy activities for a preschooler and a toddler alike!

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