All Grown Up

Today I captured a few pictures of A jumping on his bed while J was napping. When I went back to look at the pictures later, I couldn’t believe how big he looks now…and how at different angles he looks like me, and then like my husband.

Jumping with his measuring tape and his binoculars.

See in this picture…with those eyes, and that nose…well except for the color those features are me.

But in this picture…

That to me was a vision of my husband.

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  1. I love Aidan’s bedspread. Just now realized this was your blog. I LOVE IT!

    Hope those boys are doing better and that James is still well:)

  2. Thank you! The bedspread is IKEA…my favorite go to for kids room decor! I am so glad you started blogging, it’s fun to keep up with you all!

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