Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

To be honest I was unsure how this dinner was going to go. Five princesses, three boys, and on the last night of our trip. However, despite A’s face above, the boys loved it. Let me preface, as other reviews have stated, this meal is really all about the princess experience. Our dinner meal was fine, but both B and I agreed that the appetizer buffet and desserts were the highlight. The appetizer buffet was mainly crudités, cheeses (the smoked Norwegian goat cheese was so good we are trying to find it at home), and rolls and honestly I could’ve just eaten that.

As for the desserts (my picture was blurry because the lighting was low):

They were very good, but my very favorite was the little apple brown butter cake in the middle. It was so good!

Other highlights besides food were the princess meetings:

And the Royal processional that all the girls seemed to know what it was about, but my boys were quite confused:

Overall, I was glad that we decided to go! I don’t know if we’d go there again because princesses aren’t high on the boys’ lists of characters to meet, but it was definitely worth it to at least experience it once.

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