A trip with boys is….

DC TripTiring. On the way home from our trip in the very last half hour (right before we ran smack into a huge thunderstorm), the road was dark and it was absolutely filled with fireflies. A and J could not have been more excited. A said “Oh, I didn’t know this trip was going to end with fireflies, this has been a great trip!” Such a little thing, but we learned on our trip that little things are sometimes better than big things. Letting the boys move at their own pace, doing less, and being mindful of their interests was the best plan. So on that note, here are some of their very favorite moments from the trip…

Making faces with monkeys and Grandpa:

Making facesPetting a real live cow:

CowDecoding words at the Spy Museum:

DecodingPlaying board games with Nana:

Board GamesTaking trail walks:

Trail WalksEating lollipops:

Eating lollipopsWatching ducks:

finding ducksPlaying with pretend dinosaurs on real hardened lava:

dinosaursFinding an amazing water walkway to splash through:

WaterSeeing the artist paintings that we have looked at in books:

Art museumAnd sometimes even discovering something new to love:

newSomething that we had no idea of, but J was absolutely enamored by the gem and minerals part of the Natural History Museum. Who knew?

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  1. So glad you came, it was a fun week! Love the idea that J takes after his great-grandpa in loving rocks and minerals!!

  2. So let’s see those IKEA and Container store spoils already! I leave for a week and the blog gets an update, nice!

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