A trip to the botanical gardens

So we decided to take a little trip to our local botanical gardens this weekend. It’s not far from us, but with J any trip that takes longer than twenty minutes (round trip) is a toss up right now if he is going to start screaming and mutiny being in the car.

After A’s soccer game Saturday morning we decided on a whim to go and literally just swung by our house and grabbed snacks, sunblock and changed A into play clothes. I wanted to go this past weekend because they had already put out their scarecrow trail exhibit (on A and I’s fall things to do list), and they still had out (for the last weekend) their little me/giant garden exhibit (which is filled with water features, which J loves).

We set out with no time limit and just let the boys wander and switched off who was following whom. I posted quite a few pictures on instagram, but saved a few for the blog to share today.

botanical gardens photo1 photo2 photo3And yes we survived being in nature for an extended period of time…ha!

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