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A touch of green/Cupcakesandcommentary

1. Our potted plants are beginning to grow! A has eagerly been checking on them each day to see how they are growing. Since we finally got the yard mowed and weed service started it’s nice that A is checking on the plants growing instead of the weeds.

2. My Dad brought us two rose of sharon “babies” from their house to our backyard. The roots of these plants traveled from Waco, Texas and are many generations of being passed down in our family. J “helped” his Papa plant them (by running around and trying to grab his shovel). We are keeping them well watered and I’m planning to get some mulch around them once the weather gets really hot.

3. FYI. Mint can survive ANYTHING. Just so you know. That’s tiny mint growing in our dug out garden bed, despite B and I digging up ALL of it.

May 20131

And these two are working really hard on keeping everything watered. Mostly themselves. 🙂

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