A note from Super A

Super A note

Dear JJ,

Did you know there are meteor showers that you can see at night time? You can only see them when the moon is out at midnight. If you stay up until midnight, you can see them, but then you will have to stay up past bedtime. That’s okay though because you can still sleep until mornin’ and then you will wake up well rested. I would like to stay up and see a meteor shower sometime. Although I don’t know if I could stay up that late, I might get tired. Then I would just have to shut my eyes like this (visual aid here). Then I would be all sleepy and like, blah the next day. And I might get dizzy and fall down, so I really think I need sleep. Plus, my bunny and Donatello would miss me if I wasn’t in my bed. And your lambie would probably miss you too. So maybe it’s not a good idea to stay up to watch a meteor shower. Or maybe I will just do that this summer, or when it’s not raining, or when the moon is out.

Love, A

(As told to his brother while they stood at the window watching the sunset last night)

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