A month of meals and a grocery list

So here is a little organization tool I worked on to make my life easier this fall:

CalendarI used an old marker board calendar I had to create a monthly dinner plan for us.

However, before I created the calendar I came up with an extensive list to help make our grocery shopping planning easier.

I divided it into two sections. One is dinner ideas, with a list of main ingredients, and sides. The other is a main grocery list for items we should have stocked, or ideas for breakfast items, snack items, etc.

I printed them out on card stock and taped them on the inside of one of our kitchen cabinets using washi tape:

Dinner ListOnce I had that compiled, I set about putting together the monthly calendar of meals. It is not all completed (as you can see above) because we weren’t sure what A’s soccer schedule would be at the time.

Overall I have been really pleased with how it’s working out, especially because I have forgotten less at the store when I go grocery shopping and we aren’t spending a good part of the weekend trying to decide what we are going to fix the next week.

I uploaded our complete list into a PDF file, so you can see our ideas and our typical meal plan list. Enjoy!

Dinners (CupcakesandCommentary) PDF File

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