A lion and a clone trooper

We attended a fall festival on Friday. I was grateful that we had the opportunity to go because a) I have to work on Halloween, and b) it is supposed to rain on Halloween.

A lived out his dream of being Alexander the Clone Trooper (no this is not a character from Star Wars, well the clone trooper part is):

IMG_3707 IMG_3708

And I relished in my most likely last year of J not having an opinion about his costume:


You may remember I posted this tutorial to my Friday Favorites about a month ago, which was where I got the instructions for the hood. I bought thinner yarn than I realized, but honestly it was so hilarious by the time I was done we went with it.

IMG_3716 J loves his hat so much, that I thought he would like the hood, but he did not. He kept saying “hat, hat” and patting his head after he took off the hood. So obviously I should have made a lion’s mane out of a newsboy cap. HA!

IMG_3717And one final shot. I definitely think George Lucas should have added lions to Star Wars. Although with the right clothes J could have rocked an Ewok look for sure.

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  1. Great costumes! They look adorable. The festival was probably more fun than Halloween, but hope it goes well for B and the boys 🙂

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