A Good Hat.

On Thursday of last week A woke up with a bit o’ eye drainage. Not a big deal I thought. Then it continued for about four hours, and I thought “great pink eye”. However, combined with his snoring at night and the fact that it didn’t get worse the symptoms for pink eye didn’t add up. I called the doctor and spoke with the advice nurse and ended up with a trip to the doctor scheduled for the next day. So off we went the next day, me figuring it was just a cold and I was being ridiculous for taking him in. Not a cold. A’s pediatrician diagnosed him with yet another bad double ear infection (his second in less than a month). So he had to get an antibiotic shot and a round of antibiotic medicine. We are headed back in two weeks to make sure it clears up, or we could be headed down the road to getting tubes in A’s ears. I am hoping that this second ear infection was simply a fluke.

It still boggles my mind that A’s ear infection was a bad as it was with almost no symptoms (no fever, eating and sleeping decently). With the windy weather of the beginning of the weekend I was glad to have this birthday gift from Aunt A!

Excellent ear cover for those poor ears!

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