A gift list for your favorite dude who’s building his own computer but needs a few other things…

The Christmas CountdownThis guy. Is never too busy to get a check up from J, or play some Minecraft with A, or watch Project Runway and The Tonight Show with me. His main requests for Christmas are computer parts as he is attempting to build his own computer. However, I try to come up with a few surprises, so these are my ideas.

His favorite classic Nintendo character in amiibo form.

Christmas List B 3A kindle because he’s starting to complain about some of the thousand page books he’s reading.

Christmas List B 1Coffee from that little local shop he keeps talking about going to, but hasn’t been there yet.

Christmas List B Hilarious socks to wear on wacky sock Wednesday at his work (yes, he and his friends do that).

Christmas List BA renewal of the subscription to his favorite magazine, so he can tell me over breakfast the best dishwasher for our budget.

Christmas List B 4And finally, a scarf for when it snows in February and he’s working on a snow fort for the boys at midnight.

Christmas List B 2

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