A gift list for boys who love to create, laugh, and learn

We run out of paint, marker, and paper supplies regularly. The boys are always working on a project they need supplies for some sort:Boys gift guideA place to store the many art/marker/and pen supplies for our favorite office supply loving boy:

Boys Gift Guide

Combining the boys’ puzzle creating skills with their constant football night question “what state is that team from?” Football puzzle

Magnatiles. They are definitely an investment piece, but they are so worth it. J plays with these every day. Boys gift guideAn innovative and collaborative game that we can all play together:boys gift guide

This magazine is a win-win. It’s completely free, and has coloring, activity, and Lego building ideas. There is also a junior version and big kid version.


This flexible drum J stated was “SUPER COOL!” at the toy store:

Boys Gift GuideStep by step animal drawing cards for J who works hard to re-create any of B’s drawings:

Boys gift guide

According to J no boys’ bedding set is complete without Star Wars sheets, friends:

Boys gift guide

And finally some some stocking stuffer ideas! Happy shopping!

Boys Stocking Stuffer Ideas(Most of these can be found on Amazon, except for the socks from Gap and the Tsum Tsums from The Disney Store)


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