A final good-bye to our twenties.

MustangSo in just a few days we are saying good-bye to our very last mustang for what will probably be a long time. When B and I met he had a green 1996 mustang and my mustang was just four years old (a 2002). We said good-bye to his mustang in 2008, after we had it towed to my parents’ house for the third or fourth time.

Six years later my mustang has seen its better days. It kind of shakes like an old chihuahua when you start it, and the repairs are getting out of hand. And much like Penny from Big Bang Theory’s car, the check engine light has been on for quite awhile. So after much contemplating and budget crunching we are purchasing an used SUV from a friend of B’s that has been well taken care of and will fit the boys bikes, and you know luggage! Groceries! My boys and my nephews! Or even a table! Or J (He is touching the top of the car in his car seat at this point)!

Despite the fact that it is “just a car” I was honestly quite sad about us getting rid of it, and also honestly wasn’t sure how we were going to sell it without trading it in. My Dad stepped in and offered to take it off our hands as a side project….because he doesn’t have many cars to work on these days…wink, wink. HA! I’m sure he’ll see the humor in that statement.

And finally, here is A’s final car wash dance while J and B washed the car:

DancingThis picture is straight out of my playbook from when I was his age, and it so perfectly captures A. A final good-bye to a sweet ride.



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  1. I almost just shed a little tear for you guys. We all have to grow up sooner or later, I supposed. 🙂 Hahahaha.

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