Hiking the blue line

Blue Trail 2On one of our recent hikes we went through part of the blue line trail on Monte Sano and I thought I would share our adventure…

Since you are up higher (one of the highest points in our area), you get pretty spectacular views at points, which is a definite plus for the boys.

Blue Trail 3 Blue Trail 4 Blue Trail 5The day that we went the weather changed from bright and sunny to windy and cloudy (and eventually a bit rainy) as you can see in the pictures.

A especially enjoyed the wind:

Blue TrailThe paths are a bit narrower in parts (with steeper drop offs) than what we are used to, so we spent part of the time trying to manage the boys (especially J) to keep them on the right side of the mountain and us on the other. I am especially impressed in how J is learning to pick up his feet up and over the roots and rocks on the ground, so he doesn’t trip.

The boys liked the sandy dirt parts to make some impromptu maps (and tic tac toe games):

blue trail 6It took about half an hour for us to get less than 10% of the way into the route and then we turned around and went back. The total trail is about 7 miles (way too much for either of the boys). Our usual plan is we walk 30 minutes in and then 30 minutes out, unless we know the loop will be about an hour total.

trailIt was a great way to spend our Saturday morning and the boys always love the Monte Sano trails because they know they will get to go to the big playground when we finish walking the trail!

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