60 Minutes later….

Balloon SwordsHe finally got the balloon sword he waited in line for. If you don’t believe small boys have patience, let A be an inspiration of the fact that they do. A saw the balloon artist at a neighborhood festival we attended this weekend, decided he wanted a balloon sword, and stood with me in line (without a single complaint) for sixty minutes to get the sword.

And he even politely asked for a second sword for his brother (who spent the time making his way through every bouncy house available)…

Balloon SwordThis was a moment that I was honestly beyond amazed at A. I NEVER would have stood in line that long for a balloon sword (and yes, I stood there with him…looking at my phone to see how long we had been standing there) and I even asked him several times if he didn’t want to just go play the games instead. He shook his head no, and continued to wait. I’m wondering if I can bronze that sword to preserve it. Just kidding. Sort of. HA! Happy Monday.

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