Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites Friday FavoritesOpposite ends of the table. Same level of concentration.

This week absolutely flew by. Between teaching, grading papers, homework assignments, party prepping, and dealing with the constant meltdowns of an almost three year old, I’m spent. And we’ve got J’s birthday party this weekend! I managed to snag a few minutes to do some on-line reading, and found a few of my favorites from the week.

A brownie in a mug recipe that lives up to the hype (it’s been tested by myself, my sister, and B).

Another idea option for the flare jeans I got for Christmas.

Neutral rosy make-up that you could definitely do for every day.

A genius idea to re-invent movie night.

A cat catching some wicked air. Seriously. Awesome.

Printable mini super stars to make this summer with the boys.

Unique tips for choosing wine, for when you’re standing at Costco with no clue what to get.

In case you are hosting a puppy bowl party.

A fox that has more paparazzi following it than a Kardashian.

And finally, I love a DIY scrub that I already have all the materials for (virtual fist pump).

Have a great weekend!

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A & J’s Infinite Playlist

Infinite PlaylistOn Fridays, after a long week of school, work, and activities the boys love playing Legos and dancing to some of their favorite songs.

As a little memory box for them and their love of music (those who know A well, remember his days of singing Firework), B and I have started compiling a rotating playlist of their favorites. It’s a mixture of pop (my influence), electronic (B’s influence), and alternative (both of us). And a little Charlie Brown theme song thrown in. Gotta love it.

Infinite PlaylistJ & A’s Infinite Playlist

Cool Kids by Echosmith

Never been in love by Cobra Starship

Summer by Calvin Harris

Animal by Martin Garrix

Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift

Firework by Katy Perry

Pompeii by Bastille

Ghost by Ella Henderson

Wake me up by Avicii

This is what it feels like by Armin van Buuren

Sandstorm by Darude

Geronimo by Sheppard

Charlie Brown Theme Song by Vince Guaraldi

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That time when…

J showed me how he can climb in and out of his crib with ease…which meant he finally upgraded to big boy bed status (this pic is before we put on the “easy to attach” crib rail):

weekendJ “helped” me sort money while playing a vintage recorder (it sounded LOVELY)…

weekend 2We all somehow ended up on our bed watching B play a game on his phone…

weekend 3J continued his trend to not let any ice cream be wasted…

weekend 4And A showed off his 100th day of school hat, while J perfected his photo bomb…

weekend 6

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThe process of getting a decent picture…

Friday FavoritesTakes a lot of work. :) On a side note can you tell how much J loves A? He can’t keep his eyes off him. Brotherly love.

A healthy and tasty chocolate berry smoothie to start off your weekend.

The case for using a good camera over your iPhone.

Ways to boost up your water and immunity during cold and flu season.

Love the pops of neon with forest green of Hunter’s line.

A breakfast with Kiefer Sutherland? Where do I sign B up?

A cute and simple circus party…with no clowns.

A walrus and facebook are going to stop the madness of posting ridiculousness. Well, some ridiculousness.

How Monte Carlo puts on a circus.

Literally, walking in a winter wonderland.

A little boy tries to discover why penguins have wings…and it’s adorable.

At least now I know what A is going to want for Christmas in about ten years.

It’s national pie day! So go find yourself some key limes and make the most delicious key lime pie ever. And make sure you invite me over for a slice!

And finally, after couple of days of a reprieve the temperatures are headed back down to freezing here. Some homemade tropical cuticle balm would be a great little project and skin saver.

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My Mom’s Rigatoni


RigatoniOver Christmas my Mom made rigatoni with her spaghetti sauce, and the boys ate it up. I  made a slow cooker version of the meal this past week and thought I would share the results!

First thing you assemble the ingredients. I browned the meat….

RigatoniPut together the sauce in a slow cooker…

RigatoniBoil the noodles to a minute under al dente, and then combine everything together and cook in the slow cooker for 3-4 hours on low…

RigatoniAnd that’s it! The list of ingredients and full directions are after the jump!

Continue reading

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Hundred Days of School Project

A had to come up with a hundred days of school project, and knowing my nephews project from his kindergarten year I had visions of trying to fold a hundred paper airplanes in my head. After a lot of brainstorming together, A went from 100 ninja turtles (not happening) to 100 Legos (too breakable) to finally 100 robot erasers in the shape of a robot. We couldn’t find 100 robot erasers, so then A decided on 100 animal erasers in the shape of an animal (elephant). He liked the idea of gluing them on a canvas, so a trip to Hobby Lobby and a borrowed bottle of craft glue later, we were ready to start. I drew an elephant for him and then he first laid out all the erasers and then went back and glued them. This allowed him to do the project in spurts, he glued a few each day. While I think he got a bit bored gluing all those erasers, it was a great project for his age!

Here is the process in picture form…enjoy!

1. Trace animal on canvas.

IMG_7424-0012. Count out hundred erasers and then place them around tracing.

IMG_74223. Completed setting of animals.


4. Use craft glue and apply it to the backs of each eraser and set (we use a bit in a bowl with a small paintbrush).

IMG_74305. Make sure all pieces are dry and secure and then you’re all done!

Hundred Days of School

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A rare opportunity

January. Sixty degrees. Short sleeves, or at least no jackets. Plenty of sunshine. In the South when we get these rare reprieves from the cold we take them. And soak up the warm sun while we can.

IMG_7431 IMG_7436 IMG_7437 Juggling

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThese two. Love them.

Mommy brain. Not just a phrase, but a real thing.

These fabulous colors (and some seriously wild animal print pom-poms) are my color scheme for J’s upcoming birthday party.

A book resolution that I could definitely stick with.

And a book to get me started on that resolution (a debut novel. A coming of age through the love of cooking). And another (a book that intimidates me. A story of two children going through the devastation of World War II, and topping out at 544 pages).

A creamy, crumbly, citrusy lemon bar. A bit of summer in the winter, yes please!

FYI your dog really does care whether you are watching house hunters or re-runs of Lassie. Oh and they can multitask while watching it as well.

An ingenious fix for winter chapped lips.

After talking about Matisse’s cut-outs with A, I found a slew of modern paper cut artists. Even more topics and ideas to discuss!

An eclectic yet simple bedroom that fits well with both B and mine’s style.

I have a version of this scarf that somehow has become the boys’ favorite mini blanket. I can’t blame them…it’s ridiculously soft.

So many great boots…almost makes me want to make winter last a bit longer (almost.).

A perfect meal to use up left-overs, have a meatless Monday, or just keep the house warm while it cooks.

My high heels say I should be making bank…my paycheck tells a different story. HA!

Have a great weekend!

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This Kid….

This Kidhas become my sous chef over the past week. He wants to help with everything I bake, cook, or assemble. There may be some extra sticky vanilla extract on my floor, and the ice cream may have been taste tested a few times while stirred, but I am so glad to have two boys who love to help in the kitchen.

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First trail of 2015

trail 3

This past Sunday, even though it was drizzling and cloudy, the boys needed to get out of the house. We decided it was a good opportunity to try a path that we can’t go on in the spring our summer because it is too overgrown. So out we headed with plenty of snacks and two lollipops.

trail 4It was waaay colder than we had predicted, but the boys were total troopers and we made it the whole 1.7 mile loop. They were excited about this particular loop because it has a little “cave”. A brought along his binoculars so he could see if there was anything inside the cave from a safe distance, and look for birds and squirrels.

trail trail 2

We expected it to be cold, however, we did not expect to see so much ice left over from our deep freeze a week ago. We found ice chunks that were 2-3 inches thick, and good portions of the water areas were still frozen solid. The boys found the ice endlessly fascinating and wanted to test each piece they came upon on the trail, and toss sticks to see how far they would slide across the water areas.

trail 5 trail 6

I learned that I’m going to be wearing my heavy gloves for the rest of the winter when we go hiking and a lollipop lasts for about 1/4 of a mile for J. HA!

trail 7

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