Hiking the blue line

Blue Trail 2On one of our recent hikes we went through part of the blue line trail on Monte Sano and I thought I would share our adventure…

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What’s the Matter?

When A started running a fever the Sunday night of Fall Break, I knew it might turn into a long week of staying at home. And after confirming that on Monday, I immediately started thinking of different activities that we could do that week to keep the boys entertained. One of those activities was a little worksheet (PDF for the worksheet here) and science project I made up for A called “what’s the matter?” This really speaks to A’s interest in how things work, what things are, what they are made of, etc.

What's the MatterSo I made this worksheet, and then A and I went around the house and he picked out different things and we discussed if it was a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. Then he wrote down the different items in the different categories (plasma was hard. We picked lightning, and watched a video about lightning).

Then to get J in on the action we attempted to make flubber….

what's the matterWhich is supposed to be a liquid substance that turns into a solid substance before your eyes.

what's the matterAnd it did that…kind of. I think I needed the water to be warmer, as it half solidified, but not enough for the boys to play with it. However, as we were being scientists we observed and recorded and discussed why it didn’t solidify, and what we could do differently the next time. And that’s it! Enjoy!

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SixThis boy is six years old.

When I started this blog as a way to scrapbook our memories, he was a mere seven months old. And today he is six. He still likes to sing (and make beat box sounds to create his tune), he still loves to read (and is determined to learn “all the words”), and he still loves to talk (as a few notes from school can attest to).

He loves to draw, color, and write stories to go along with his images. He wants to be an artist and his plan of where he will travel and live changes every day. His plan includes me going with him, so I’m sure to do a lot of traveling when he is an adult if he keeps this plan. He absorbs knowledge and wants to learn everything about everything (and asks LOTS of questions on his quest).

His favorite activities are playing with his cousins, building with Legos, playing GI Joes and finding things to take home from our hikes. He loves pizza, lasagna, and will still eat pretty much any type of fruit. He also now loves baked potatoes, which is amazing considering I never thought I would say that about either of my boys.

He is both funny and serious, both joyful and dramatic. And even though each day he tells me what he is going to do when he is 10, 16, and 20, today he is 6, and today we will celebrate him being who he is today, our bright and shiny boy.

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Pumpkin Patch 2014

On what has now become an annual tradition, we headed with my parents and my sister’s family to a local farm to pick pumpkins, go on lots of slides, and have all sorts of fun! Here are a few of our favorite moments from the day.

pumpkin patch 2014

Statler, Waldorf, The Oldest, and The Youngest.

pumpkin patch 2014

I cannot even begin to describe how good my nephew M is with J. He took J down this massive slide over and over.pumpkin patch 2014

Trying to get a picture with the grand kids. Not the easiest. Hopefully we will fare better coming up!

IMG_6761 Pumpkin Patch 2014 Pumpkin Patch 2014

Laying and diving and running in corn. I think J packed half that corn to go in his pockets.

Pumpkin Patch 2014 Pumpkin Patch 2014

This bounce trampoline looks innocent, but is seriously crazy. And J just kept jumping on it and over and over…that kid has no fear.

pumpkin patch

This was one of my favorite moments. J loves animals and was so excited to get to go in the pens with the goats and pigs. He also got to pet a bunny and see two alpaca babies.

Pumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch 2014We had such a wonderful time and are so grateful to my parents for treating us to this every year!

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Rose + Black

So I was inspired by this look that I featured on my Friday Favorites a few weeks back and from it I pulled together this:

rose and black

[H&M Top Similar here], [Express Skirt Similar here], [Target Shoes], [Banana Republic Necklace Similar here], [Essie Nail Polish: Skirting the Issue]

I was on a time crunch so I grabbed my phone and snapped a quick picture. Per most of my outfits, a lot of these pieces are old. I was especially excited because the top I had gotten from H& M few years back and could never figure out what to wear it with. Tada! Outfit inspiration.

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Spooky spiders

SpiderLow cost + easy to make + maximum impact = a great paint project for the boys. For a little tutorial on how to make our spooky spiders, read on…
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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWe made it. One week of togetherness, where A was too sick for us to go out and do anything. And by the way, you are welcome greater population. I kept my sick child at home instead of parading him out to cough upon your shopping carts. Pay it forward. HA!

So while we were crafting, coloring, measuring, baking, and taking extra naps here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

J loves the library and Sesame Street. Thus, an exhibit he wouldn’t cry through and ask for “pockies” (lollipops). Okay, who am I kidding he would definitely ask for a pocky.

My sister brought an article about the myth vs. reality of back to school expectations to my attention and if you want to laugh (really hard, and out loud) you need to read it immediately.

Great song choices to move from summer into fall.

Pie labels that makes Thanksgiving left-overs sweeter.

Now that it’s hit 75 degrees in the south, it means time to pull out the winter clothes. HA! Here’s how to take care of all those coats and scarves you’ll be wearing while it moves toward 70 degrees (and then plummets to 40…gotta love the south!).

And while you are taking care of all those coats and scarves, you should add a new one to your closet…like this amazing cape.

And in case you need a new scarf in your closet, here are some ways to make one uniquely yours.

Is a leek an onion? And would it bother B? Or should I just make this frittata for myself? Questions I ponder.

After watching a Jimmy Fallon interview with Emma Thompson, I put this updated Peter Rabbit book on my list for J.

Flatbread rosemary + black sea salt. Perfect for a fall soup or a tailgating dip. Or just to eat.

The benefit of buying experiences over things. Pretty sure this falls into my Dad’s “you can’t take it with you” category. HA!

This sweet, nature inspired nursery has a few updates that I would love to incorporate into J’s room.

And finally a book all about taking the train and the experiences along the way.

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Working at the car wash

The boys were in need of a distraction from running about and fighting over who was playing with whose GI Joe. So I pulled together this:

Car WashI’ve seen it on various blogs, instagram pictures, and pinterest posts, but had never actually done it. A slightly overcast and windy day was a great time to do this outdoor activity. And the boys loved it! They had a rinsing, washing, and drying station.

And I even brought out this:

Car WashNothing like a wash and blow dry for your vehicles!

IMG_6695 Car WashThey both enjoyed it, although J was a little more enthusiastic than A. A washed and dried his cars and was done, while J washed and dried each of his vehicles multiple times for as long as I let him.

Car WashAnd when we were done we had shiny fresh vehicles ready to take their next spin! A perfect way to spend 45 minutes of our fall break!

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Candy Corn Cylinders

Candy Corn CylindersThis is a simple little craft that, while not perfect in its appearance, was a great morning activity for the boys..

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Cinnamon Sugar Apple Doughnut Muffins

Our first day of fall break did not go so great. A started running a 103 fever Sunday night, and by Monday I was at the doctor with him to get antibiotics for an ear infection (yea for no more tubes! Not.). In addition to that I had a persistent cold that decided to develop into a raging sinus and bronchitis infection, so before I took A to the doctor I spent the earlier morning at the doctor myself. Thankfully, we had no plans to go anywhere this fall break. However, A was fervently hoping to make apple cinnamon muffins, and while he was too pitiful to help make them I couldn’t refuse his request…

Apple Cinnamon MuffinsSo let me tell you a little more about these magical muffins that are a perfect addition to any fall baker’s list…

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