Just doing a bit of work…

A bit of workGetting a few last minute lists typed up before the bustle of Thanksgiving and holiday shopping. Lesson? Don’t forget your flashlight.

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The Three Project: Project 2

rice bowlsPretty sure I need to plan out my picture taking better. On the other hand this picture is a really good representation of our normal. Bluuuurrrr. ANYWAY. Our next project was donating change through rice bowls at our church. It is a simple project, you pick up a rice bowl and fill it with loose change and then return it. I got together with A and asked him what he would like to donate from his own piggy bank (which he carefully sorted through), and then from our change jar (which J particularly liked…”J put dime in the bucket!”).

What I also liked about this particular project is that our church had cards with pictures of children that were being helped by the donations. I put it on our fridge and A and I talked about the little boy in the picture and A said “he likes to play the same things I do!” If you are interested in the program you can find out more about it here.

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This weekend we…

Saw Santa a little early to get our requests in…

SantaGot in on the last weekend of our botanical garden’s walking lights trail…

weekend 7Took a selfie before a late afternoon work-out…

weekend 6Worked on beating A’s fastest bike time around the track…

weekend 4Made wishes on the last dandelions before winter…

weekend 5Played basketball outside until the sun set (at 4:45 p.m….booo daylight savings)…

weekend 3Made and ate chocolate ice cream…

weekend 2And dressed up like a storm trooper…

weekendJust because. Happy Monday friends!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesGood evening, friends! Typically I update Friday Favorites during J’s nap, but today I spent J’s nap time at school with A helping with Fantastic Friday. It’s fun to have opportunities to see him in the classroom and in his element. I certainly have the greatest admiration for not only his teacher (who is awesome), but all elementary school teachers. However, I think A’s favorite part of me coming to school was that he didn’t have to wait for me in car line! HA! In keeping with A’s stylish clothing theme, I found some great Thanksgiving and fall themed links to share. Enjoy!

A beautiful picture filled ode to fall baking.

That’s some crazy weather….nope it’s just November.

A circle and colored pencil art project, perfect distraction for the kiddo’s week off.

Pie crust cookies that seem like the perfect lead up to Thanksgiving pie.

Love the apple and cranberry combination in this harvest casserole.

Casual meets dressy in a black and white combo.

I’m not a big fan of spaghetti, however, pasta carbonara? One of my top comfort foods.

I’m slightly obsessed with flare jeans…here are five ways to wear them.

In case you are traveling for the holiday…never underestimate the power of cheerios.

I’m currently reading Sam Sifton’s Thanksgiving (timely, yes?), and he makes clear that you should save crazy mashed potato dishes for other times besides Thanksgiving. So I’ll make these in two weeks.

Jacket + Hair + Nails + Shoes = Perfection.

Looking forward to pulling up artist doppelgangers for A and I to go through next week.

One day…when the boys are much older…a hike for our bucket list.

Thirteen detailed explanations of how to tie a scarf. I so need this!

And finally, the whole point of the wishbone.

Have a great weekend!

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Stripes + Brown Accents

Hey, I’m out from behind the camera! B took a moment to take a pic of me before I headed to work. As the temps have drastically dropped since then, I would also add this jacket (that I own and love) and this scarf (that I do not own, but love, love, love!)

Stripes + Brown Accents[Piperlime Dress], [Anthropologie Belt…Similar here], [Boots…Similar here], [Necklace…Similar here], [Bracelet…love this option]

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Cold Weather Car Essentials

As it is already dipping below the freezing mark, I started switching over our baskets in the house and items in the car for the lower temps. Gone are the summer essentials of sunblock sticks, bug-off wipes, and beach towels and I replaced them with cold weather car essentials.
Car Cold Weather Essentials1. Tissues, lots of tissues. We keep a large box in the car, but I also keep travel packs on hand to grab for my work bag, to stick in A’s backpack, etc.

2. Gloves. My hands hate the winter with a passion. It’s the number one reason I couldn’t imagine ever living somewhere like Minnesota. My hands might just dissolve completely, ha! I keep little cheap gloves in the car in case I forget my good ones.

3. Hand cream. And with those gloves I also have a super rich hand cream that I keep in my glove box, and in my work bag.

4. EOS Lip balm. I have lots of different lip balms, but I like this one for the car because I know it won’t freeze and get ruined.

5. Honest hand spray. As everybody knows (and we know oh so well) it’s a germy time of year. Both of the boys have hand wipes below their seats that we use, but I also keep this spray on hand for myself.

6. Extra hats for the boys. There are times when we go out and it doesn’t feel quite as cold when we are in the garage than we reach our destination and it’s freezing. It’s great to have a few cheap ones in hand behind each of their seats to grab.

7. Blanket. For when we go somewhere and the boys are “freezing” on the way home. Also essential if you get stuck out. It’s the be prepared mantra I have carried over from my parents.

And that’s it! Stay warm on the drive!

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Bead Lacing

I always call pictures like these “moments of calm”. For as active as the boys are, there are also times of complete calm. These lacing beads are a wonder. They’re partly a wonder because they are a hand-me-down (they’ve appeared on the blog before), but also because they sit in a little box at the bottom of J’s tool bench and every couple of days I’ll just find him, right here on the floor, carefully lacing bead after bead.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3Sweet moments of calm.

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The Three Project: Project One

Project OneYou know when you are trying to take a picture and you get photo-bombed by your little brother?

When trying to think of ideas for our projects I thought about A’s age. Tangible things that he can participate in easily topped my list. Thankfully, this is a time of year where there are lots of opportunities to do that! A’s school was having a week long canned food collection, so each day he trotted to school with a can of veggies or soup from the pantry. On Friday they got to wear their pj’s to school if they brought in a canned item, which A was pretty excited about.

It was a good opportunity to tell him (in very simple terms), that sometimes people need help getting enough food to eat. I didn’t go into many details, but he wanted to make sure he had a can each day, and he very much liked the idea that someone would get some tasty spaghetti-o’s because “maybe it’s one of their favorite foods, too!”

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesJ wanted to be wrapped in three towels after his bath last night because “J very cold”. He’s right! It feels like a frozen tundra here to have the weather dipping into the 20s in mid-November.

My sister gave me the heads-up about a terrific wood slice chalkboard DIY. Perfect for so many different purposes!

B will attest that this is his reaction when he walks into a spider web.

I love a good fashion book.

Perhaps the perfect holiday appetizer, simple and delicious.

Contrary to my own popular belief, apparently I am not a homebody. I own none of those things.

Food. Just a whole bunch of liars. HA!

When you want to make just a few cupcakes.

Ahhh…the bourgeois fantasy of Thanksgiving. And the leaves fell gently down on the table…

All sorts of different ideas for fall layering. Although I may need to skip this and go straight to winter.

The interior designer I started following on Instagram this week. Love her ideas and use of color.

Twenty-five ideas to help you and your house survive winter.

Love this eloquent article on what Goodnight Moon has taught us about writing.

Blueberry bran muffins to kick off a cold weekend.

Did you know I used to collect stamps (not like the mail stamp, but a rubber stamp)? Have we discussed this before? I still love the idea of innovative ways to use them.

Wait, so did hipster’s start dressing alike before everybody else did? Thoughts to ponder.

A chic way to avoid hat hair.

Creamy baked chicken taquitos.

If a snowy owl looks bothered by the snow, what does that mean for the rest of us? Just saying.

Loving deep green for winter.

And finally, how to take a summer maxi dress into fall and winter.

Have a great weekend! Stay warm!

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Time with Daddy

It’s rare that B is able to take off work when someone is not sick. He had two days this week with the boys, so I had him document all of their adventures!

First up, B took J to the trail on Monday morning. The trail is on J’s top five lists of places to go (his top 5 requests that we hear daily are: 1. Granna & Papa’s 2. Aunt K’s house 3. Trail 4. Storytime 5. Take a walk). They threw rocks in the water, stirred leaves with big sticks, and examined all the different leaves of fall.

Trail with Daddy Trail with Daddy Trail with Daddy Trail with DaddySecond up, B hasn’t had a chance to see A at his tennis lessons this fall, so he took him to his tennis lesson and got to see what he has learned:

1. He has learned the backhand:


2. The forehand:


3. How to avoid getting hit by the ball by playing a game called “skittles” (his favorite!):


4. And they started practicing volleys this week!


Both of the boys have been reluctant bicycle riders, however, B is working on changing that, so one of their newest activities is bicycling around the track at A’s elementary school:Bicycling Bicycling BicyclingA has improved greatly, and now loves their bicycle sessions. J, however, is stubbornly refusing to pedal his tricycle. We are trying to decide if he needs a bigger trike for motivation, or if he still isn’t ready to move beyond walking the bike around. Which is why you don’t see him in any of the above pictures. He was kicking a soccer ball between the goals and admiring all of the construction vehicles nearby.

I know all of my boys really enjoyed their time together! It’s nice to have a little mini vacation every now and then. :)

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