Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesCheese!

Driving past the wind turbines in Northern California is still one of my favorite memories.

Good morning, perfect hair.

Planning to incorporate this Freedom Page into brainstorming concepts in my course.

Adding a bit of dazzle to a standard clutch purse.

Mo’s Mustache makes J laugh out loud.

Add suede heels to your fall shoe rotation (just not when it’s raining, yes?).

The Anthropologie candles that were a favorite find by my sister and I last weekend.

A khaki trench vest worth investing in.

The movie on B’s list to take A to see.

Cheesy chicken pasta is my slow cooker meal for Tuesday next week.

If you have three days in San Francisco.

Are following Luna the sea otter? J is.

Loving this high shelf book corner.

Headed for Home is written by one of my former graduate professors. Definitely a must read, glad I checked your post, Jennifer!

I kind of want this pink birthday party for myself, ha!

Creating easy summer updos.

Eggplant parmesan melts sounds fabulous.

And finally, on writing stories and scenes.

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Lately we’ve been…

Creating marble towers before church…

Making Marble Towers

Creating an entire code system for the alphabet and numbers up to 15:


Going to Cabela’s to look at tents and being amazed by all of the taxidermy animals they have there:

Cabela's(I mean, why are they fighting? Couldn’t they just as logically be eating a nice rabbit and some berries peacefully beside each other? Maybe they are arguing over who saw the fifty percent off hiking boots first.)

Making one of my two favorite dinner rolls:

Dinner Rolls

Making honey lime enchiladas for dinner (not to go with the rolls, but I mean why not?):

Honey Lime Enchiladas

Back to our system of me putting a bunch of books on hold at the library and then picking them up later in the week:

Books{J’s favorite has been I will Take a Nap!, A’s favorite is the Dinosaur Bones Encyclopedia, and I’m currently reading The Little Paris Bookstore and enjoying it so far}

And finally, playing hide and seek and eating snacks while waiting during A’s tennis lessons:

Tennis Lessons

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Work Week Outfits and Bee-Inspiration

Apparently I was living in black and white for the work week! Here’s a bit more about my looks and my style board for all things bee inspired.

Work Week 1L-R, T-B {Top: Trouve, Skirt: Express, Nails: Essie Skirting the Issue}, {Top: Anthropologie, Pants: Ann Taylor (can’t see them in the pic, but they are just basic black suit pants)}, {Shirt: Gap}

And now on to a bee inspired style board! These picks include both kid, adult, and home inspiration as you can’t really talk about bees around our house without Winnie-the-Pooh. What I love most about this inspiration is the fall yellows and the whimsy of the bees (without it looking too character-ish).

Bee Inspired Style Board[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

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Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo SelfParks and Recreation is one of my all time favorite shows, and the “Treat Yo Self” episodes are a big part of the reason why. Every year for my sister’s birthday and for my birthday my Mom and my Dad (when he’s not working on cars in his shop) take us on a “Treat Yo Self” day (where they treat), where we go shopping for my birthday gifts and out to lunch. It’s one of my very favorite things, so here’s a re-cap of our day (as I’m about to be 34! what!).

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Fall Sports

A Plays TennisThis past week the boys have started practices for their fall sports! A picked tennis and J picked soccer. I have to say I was excited that A picked tennis this year because that means no evening and morning baseball games in the heat (and then the cold). They both have been really happy with their choices, so I think they definitely chose right for this year. Here is a little more of their practices…

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesA lost his first tooth this week! He is now officially a member of the lost tooth club!

An intriguing and dark look about the most studied man in brain science.

A guide to fall make-up. NARS shadow in Antares is definitely on my list.

One of my favorite things to watch while lesson planning and grading is documentaries. First Position (a ballet documentary) is on my list, and I’m currently working my way through season 2 of Chef’s Table on Netflix.

A gift jar full of office supplies. I feel like A would love this for Christmas.

Loving this hobo bag in wine (also one of the colors on my fall style board…just saying).

I’m working this semester to not be scrambling to make my own lunch in the morning for work, so I’m planning to make a salad of some sort every Sunday to then eat during the week. Corn, Avocado, & Cucumber Salad and Blue Cheese & Cranberry Pasta Salad are my two for this week and next.

Print mixing makes me happy.

A boys’ room that is a little bit moody and filled with bison pictures. Oh how J would love this!

More is more rice krispie treats.

How to tie a bandana. Besides like a bandit. Which is how the boys wear them. Apparently that’s not okay once your an adult.

Lace paper crowns. Lovely!

Perfect print for Halloween. Especially since J said he’s expecting to see “cats, bats, and pirate skeletons” this year.

How Victoria Beckham does her make-up in five minutes.

Love the classic use of baby’s breath and white table decor.

A very quick way to make a big impact with tissue garland.

Loving these cards to use as prints in my office.

Tiny bug puppets. A great rainy day weekend activity.

And finally, our lunchbox cookies for next week.

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Completed canvas project

Completed CanvasWhile A was at basketball camp in July, J and I began working on a canvas project for my office wall. I’m constantly on the look-out for art and prints to liven up my office (not that the concrete blocks are nice…reminds me of my house when we lived overseas. HA!). I decided it would be fun to take on a project with J to make a dual canvas. Here is a little more about what we did…

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DW: The snack element

DW: SnacksWhen we started planning our Disney trip we did some initial budgeting and pricing and decided that the dining plan would be a good choice for our trip. One of my favorite things about going to Disney is the table service restaurants and with the character dining we were going to do, we decided it would be a good budget choice. This is a little bit more about the snack portion of the plan, which by far was the trickiest for us to keep up with…

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Back to Little Gym

Little GymWhen the boys were toddlers Little Gym was the group I participated in to get them out and socializing (for me too), but as the boys got older (and are in school now) it has been quite awhile since I’ve been back. J was invited to a birthday party there recently and I was glad to see that he still loves it as much as he did when he was two…

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First cub scout meeting

Adventures in cub scouting

This past weekend A went to his first cub scout meeting! He has been so excited to participate in the summer events, so he was thrilled to now be attending meetings. For their first meeting they met at one of our local trails, went hiking, inspected forest life, and made apple cobbler in a dutch oven. He and B arrived back two hours later, tired, but full of stories about all their adventures!

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