Week of outfits: Bringing in fall edition

Week of outfitsI’m on a personal mission to bring in fall temperatures. Right now it’s not working out so well, but maybe if I keep trying it’ll happen! I’m also encouraging others to jump in on my venture, ha! So here is a breakdown of my outfits this week:

Monday: shirt, skirt-old (similar), shoes

Tuesday: shirt-old (similar), pants, shoes-old (similar)

Wednesday: sweater, skirt-old (similar), boots-old (similar)

Thursday: shirt-old (similar), pants, shoes-old (similar)

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Two mile hike

Hiking HuntsvilleIn the past we have hiked part of this loop, but several weeks ago we decided the boys were old enough to complete the whole two miles. Here is a little bit of our adventures on the hike!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThis week was B’s birthday! The boys were so excited to make him cards and give him silly socks for his birthday day!

Good interview strategies.

Still laughing about tales from the check-out line.

A re-invention of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. One of our favorites!

On being satisfied with your home decor.

Great ideas for fitness routines outside the gym.

Dressing for fall when it’s still ninety degrees out.

The benefits of slow travel.

Agatha Christie is hip again! I’m so trendy.

No short order cooking, thank you very much.

I love that these turkey & ricotta meatballs only have eight ingredients.

Finding great beauty products at your local drugstore.

Love this skirt + t-shirt combo.

Finally, end of the day thoughts on energy and work life balance. So true!

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Soccer season 2

J plays soccerJ LOVES soccer. He pumps his fist in the air with a resounding “yes!!” when we tell him it’s a game day and we have no problem getting him ready and out the door to go to his practices and games. It’s amazing to see how just in a season he has improved! Here is some more from one of his first games…

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Week of outfits and my favorite after work wear…

Week of outfits {Tuesday: Cardigan: Gap, Top: The Pants Store, Pants: Express, Shoes: Nordstrom} {Wednesday: Dress: Piperlime (so super old), Shoes: Cole Haan} {Thursday: Top: JCrew, Pants: Anthropologie, Shoes: DSW}

It was a short work week! Thankfully, as I’m starting to run out of warm weather work pieces. It needs to be cooler temperatures, stat! So on to my favorite after work wear…

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Fall Decor

Fall DecorMaybe if we discuss Fall it will come? Kind of like the whole Field of Dreams philosophy. I would have posted this last week, but Target didn’t have all of their Fall decorations out (I KNOW! It’s the first week of September? Hobby Lobby is already past Christmas and on to Valentine’s Day. Just kidding. Sort of.) and I was waiting on the two pumpkins you see above. So besides those, here are my fall decorations…

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWalking to school.

One dish protein dinner.

Reason number 555 of why we need a Trader Joe’s.

California road trip that is definitely on my bucket list.

Definitely adding chicken burrito bowls to my lunch rotation.

Channeling Clueless in an updated fashion.

On women in the workplace.

Terrifically set-up antipasto platter.

Great transition to fall dress.

So apparently Shakespeare struggled a bit with source citation.

It’s eventually going to get cold and then we can wear jackets and jeans.

An exercise in creating patience.

A selection of new fall foodie books.

And finally, lots of lunch box ideas.

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