Friday Favorites

Happy holiday shopping day, friends! We are headed out to hit some of our favorite shops, and if you live in our area (or even if you don’t) be sure to shop small with some of our favorite shops including Piper&Leaf, Southern Firefly, Sweet Pineapple, & Mint Julep Monograms.

Holiday outfits for a work party.

White cabinets.

The perfect winter coat.

The backsplash I have my eye on.

Pumpkin snickerdoodles.

A new way of creating gallery walls.

Perfect pesto for fish.

Interior design hacks.

Honestly, this also would be my dream Thanksgiving dinner.

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This and that

Since we’ve started Thanksgiving Break, later bedtimes and less activities to attend have allowed for movie and show watching on Disney Plus:

We’ve watched Pirates of the Caribbean, the Mandalorian, The Force Awakens, Fantasia, and lots of Mickey Shorts Cartoons.

Getting a jump on Christmas shopping, we took the boys to Target this weekend and let them take turns picking out gifts for each other:

J helped me load presents and groceries.

J received several new badges at Cub Scout last week and got to read the closing part of the flag ceremony. We are so proud of him!

A has been hard at work on his golf game:

And I’ve been hard at work finding him clothes to wear to matches for when it’s cold:

I sent my Mom these GAP lined khakis and Old Navy half zip athletic shirt as Christmas ideas, and then I’m picking him out a new hat from Dick’s.

And finally, we conceded and started putting up Christmas:

B and I picked out mini trees for the boys to decorate, and they love them so much I don’t know why we didn’t do this earlier….but then J almost boot kicked the tree and I remembered why. Ha! Happy Monday!

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Boys’ Holiday Gift Guide

This is a gift guide of the boys’ tried and true favorite items. From tiny action figures to drawing supplies, these are ideas that have lasted them through the past several years and never get old. Even the Magnatiles J will get out while we are watching a movie or sports and build houses for his Tsum Tsums, action figures, and stuffed animals.

Lego sets. I especially like this creator one, that has a lot of quantity for the price (if you’ve never done a LEGO piece cost analysis, you’ve never spent a Friday night at our house, ha!)

Fortnite, Halo, or Imaginext, any type of small action figures are great for setting up battles, role-playing, or living in a Magnatile house.

All the colored pencils and crayons. These big sets are great for the boys’ bookmark creations, board game ideas, and MARIO maps.

Sometimes I have found things at PBTeen to be overpriced, but their Harry Potter throws are excellent quality and used often at our house.

The boys’ current small plush obsession are these tiny Russ petootie animals. You can barely find them online, but they are at lots of big box stores like Target, and smaller shops as well (I’ve found smaller shops have more unique ones).

The illustrated Harry Potter collection. I feel like this needs no other explanation.

We love board games around here, and this version of Ticket to Ride is a little shorter than the original, for nights where you can’t commit an hour and a half to a game.

One of the best recommendations I received in improving the boys’ strength in basketball throwing was a weighted ball. It feels unnatural to play with, but is good for throwing practice. We do monitor them when they use it, so they don’t rough house play with it.

All of the Wild Republic plushes are a favorite around here.

Of all the hot wheel sets they’ve received, this crash one still gets the most laughs and excitement.

A golf glove is one of A’s essentials for practice.

If you don’t have a Switch game in mind, Super Mario Maker 2 should be on your list. The boys have made many, many levels on it.

Any Stuart Gibbs books are enjoyed by the boys, a set of Spy School or FunJungle books would be a great start to his series.

Battlebots mini vehicles. Because playing a mini version of Battlebots is almost as fun as watching Battlebots on tv.

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Friday Favorites

Thanksgiving week is upon us! It’s also final papers, projects, exams, and presentations time which means grading season is upon me. This weekend we have big plans to put up the Christmas tree, and get out the rest of the decorations.  I’ve got a Christmas list going as well, and I’m slowly checking things off that list!

Harbour house.

Bullet journal essentials.

Plaid blazer + beige coat.

Yoga practice of the week.

One minute rule cleaning ideas.

Cinnamon apple bread pudding.

On appreciating a good beauty tutorial.

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Wacky Science Saturday

J had been asking for several weeks to do science experiments, so last Saturday B created an entire day of science experiments.

From floating lava:

To a mad scientist potion:

To swamp juice:

The boys had a blast creating different mixtures and “potions”. The best thing is that all of these can be created with normal household items (and some carefully handled dry ice…by adults only!). It was such a fun day of experiments, and also some tasty treats!

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My Favorites Gift List

These are some of my favorites and favorite items to request for Christmas. I’m all about leaning into the hygge methodology during the winter seasons and a lot of these are in line with that idea. Cuddle up with a good book, under lots of blankets in warm pajamas with a cup of tea.

1. A collection of Milk make-up brushes in a perfect travel container.

2. Leggings perfect for cold (but not frigid) hiking.

3. My favorite yoga candle.

4. I love that you can pick and personalize Glossier sets.

5. Bow headband for my top knot days.

6. My go to sweater. I can never have enough!

7. Any book from Reese’s Book Club.

8. A muffin tin because mine is rusted out.

9. Sperry boots for the winter that’s apparently going through be super cold.

10. Flannel pajamas, I live for the moment I put on pajamas on work days!

11. These throws are the favorites of the boys during winter.

12. The tea I bring to work in my yeti cup.

13. Seasonal polish.

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Fall Everlasting

Happy Veterans Day! Our families are represented by every branch of the armed services, so this is truly a special day to remember all our loved ones who have served and are currently serving in the military. This weekend we went shopping for Operation Christmas Child, and, per our usual, it was a family affair:

Shopping for shoeboxes to send is one of the ways we usher in the holiday season every year. And while the boys are itching to put up all the Christmas decorations, this year I’m taking things a bit slower. We have recently been considering a big step towards building a new home, and while the prospect is exciting, we love our house. With that in mind I’ve been fully embracing our home in each season. Instead of going directly from Halloween to Christmas I’m hanging in the in between, tapping into the Thanksgiving season with lots of gratitude. I’ve been keeping up with my gratitude yoga(J has hopped on the yoga train with me), steadily reading through the Kings reading series, and enjoying the simplicity of our fall decor.

Just a bit on the mantle:

A few touches on the hutch:

And in our plant corner:

Our foyer has a few pops of Fall and a gratitude reminder:

And our Nespresso/Tea station features some perfect mugs:

Even though things are kind of speeding up around here, I’m working really hard to slow down and just take every day as it is. Good for all of us and good for gratitude.

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Friday Favorites

Holy Sephora sale! I ordered all my essentials and I may have hit rouge status when I added a Becca highlighter for my Christmas stocking. This weekend we have big plans to recover from all our illnesses by laying low, watching football, and working on our current mission: de-clutter the garage/attic.

Super satisfying paint pour.

Victoria Beckham’s make-up routine.

Refreshingly minted fall look.

The affect of perception on fashion.

My boys at every sports game, ever.

Improving skin health.

And finally, deep dish pizza.

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