A gift list for your family who believes strongly in the power of prayer, love, and football

family christmas gift listSince it’s Thursday, here’s a throwback Thursday from my cousin’s wedding in 2012. Now we have an additional three kiddos in our mix. Our family does a group gift exchange each year among all the adults, which leads to us each texting each other throughout holiday shopping as we find items. Here are some of my current go to ideas.

A cute make brush holder and corresponding set of brushes.

Make brush holder and setA good part of our family is divided Dallas Cowboy fans vs. San Francisco 49ers, so hands high shirts would be fun:

Family Christmas gift exchangeA solar power charger for those that camp, or travel:

family christmas gift listA fun matching hat and scarf:

family christmas gift listA waterproof cellphone holder:

family christmas gift listAnd finally a cute monogram option is always a good idea:

family christmas gift list


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A gift list for your boys who like to play the piano really, really loud

Christmas list for boysWith the boys being close in age (only about three years apart), at this point they have quite a few similar interests in toys and games. One of the things I really thought about was what they play with together. These are some of my favorites.

A pennant for their room and their weekend pillow forts and tents. Christmas list boysNew scooters because the only one they have is a radio flyer from when A was two.  Christmas list boys 2I really like the classic Lego city sets because they tend to have more functions and pieces for the price.  Christmas list boys 3 My aunt and uncle got A a marble gift set for Christmas when he was three and both boys still play with it. Christmas list boys 4 B got this game for his birthday and it honestly has no end of possibilities. They can make levels, play online uploaded levels, or play levels created by nintendo. Christmas list boys 5 The boys love playing pretend (one of their favorite game is playing school, or Bowser’s ship), so it’s always neat to have items that they can role play with.Christmas list boys 6And finally, a balancing toy game that requires few instructions and they can easily set it up together for those stuck in the house days that I know are coming with winter. Christmas list boys 7

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A gift list for your favorite dude who’s building his own computer but needs a few other things…

The Christmas CountdownThis guy. Is never too busy to get a check up from J, or play some Minecraft with A, or watch Project Runway and The Tonight Show with me. His main requests for Christmas are computer parts as he is attempting to build his own computer. However, I try to come up with a few surprises, so these are my ideas.

His favorite classic Nintendo character in amiibo form.

Christmas List B 3A kindle because he’s starting to complain about some of the thousand page books he’s reading.

Christmas List B 1Coffee from that little local shop he keeps talking about going to, but hasn’t been there yet.

Christmas List B Hilarious socks to wear on wacky sock Wednesday at his work (yes, he and his friends do that).

Christmas List BA renewal of the subscription to his favorite magazine, so he can tell me over breakfast the best dishwasher for our budget.

Christmas List B 4And finally, a scarf for when it snows in February and he’s working on a snow fort for the boys at midnight.

Christmas List B 2

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A gift list for the Mama who asked for a nap for Christmas

The Christmas CountdownSo this year I’m sharing a gift list of favorites for me, B, and the boys. Some of these are asked for items and others are ones we own and love. Hope you enjoy our holiday gift lists!

My skin gets really pale in the winter, so I love a lip color that gives a pop of color (when I actually remember to put on lipstick). This one is appropriately named Audrey (after my very favorite style inspiration).

christmas list N I’m horrible at wrapping and tying scarves, and I get annoyed at the fussiness of them, so having a simple one that does the work for me would be nice:Christmas list N 2With dressing up for work each days on the weekends I’m mainly jeans and a sweatshirt…and how could I not covet one that matches my favorite thermos? Christmas list N 3Over the past few years my Mom, sister, and I have been collecting different family recipes and have them in various places. An attractive book to keep them in all one spot would be wonderful. Christmas list N 4I’ve gone around and around for years about making the leap to invest in a pair of hunter boots…so when they came out with a slim model, I was sold.  Christmas list N 5When I was in graduate school my BFF took a nap every Sunday. I thought she was crazy! We had so much work to do! What I’ve realized after having two kids and working full time is there is always work to do. But there isn’t always time for a nap. So cherish that time. And have a good quiltChristmas list N 6I have the most gorgeous picture of the boys that we had taken last year. I keep meaning to have it created into a canvas and haven’t. I would love to have it up on our wall to capture the boys at 6 and 2.  Christmas List N 7 And finally a metal ampersand for the one blank spot I’m looking at in our hallway right now that I keep thinking…I should’ve got that ampersand when I was at Anthropologie. Christmas list N 8

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThe search for Waldo continues…

Gifts for your favorite dude.

Thoughts on making sensible media choices for kids.

Cranberry & vanilla pie bars…holiday deliciousness.

Uh, what? Is this seriously a discussion?

Building a gift basket successfully.

Theatre at its finest.

Colorful coats.

Tips for having a terrific dinner party.

Taking preppy work pants to the next level.

Souper party!

And finally, does anyone ever stop to ponder why as a society we are so obsessed with the amount of sleep everyone is getting? I mean, not that I asked for a nap for Christmas or anything, but seriously…I’m pretty sure Leonardo Da Vinci only slept for like thirty minutes at a time. And he turned out fine. Mostly. HA!

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Testing out Wal-Mart’s grocery pick up

Grocery ShoppingI hate grocery shopping. So much so, that I am infinitely grateful that B and I switch off grocery shopping. Our Wal-Mart recently started grocery store pick-up and while we typically don’t shop at Wal-Mart, we had heard good things about it and decided that we should try it.

So on Saturday morning we registered and put together our list:

Grocery ShoppingAll from the comfort of our couch. Here is my analysis of it:

The Good:

Easy to select items

Lots of basic options

Good prices

They’ll substitute a larger size for the same price as a smaller size if they don’t have the smaller size

You select a time and they will call you when it’s ready (they called well before the pick up time, had it in a cold holding spot, and we just called five minutes ahead and picked it up)

Boxes & cans were in good condition

Expiration dates were good

Produce was fine quality (we only purchased a few produce items just to see…the bananas were a little over ripe)

The Not so Good:

We didn’t realize that they didn’t have same day pick up, so we completed our order thought we could pick it up a few hours later and then realized we couldn’t…so check your Wal-Mart to know that information ahead of time.

There was a few basic things that they were out of (like ALL the bread).

About five items that I loaded in my cart got kicked out because they went from available to unavailable in the five minutes that I picked them.

Overall Opinion:

The good outweighed the not so good, and I would definitely use it again. Even if for just the ease in buying nonperishable items and frozen food items. It was nice for J and B to just head to the store and return ten minutes later with all the groceries.

And with their quick shopping they were able to fit in a trip to the trail after we unloaded all the groceries:


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Disguise Turkey Tom

So I had planned this post when last week A had a school project to disguise a turkey picture. Little did I know the hilarious turn it would take…

And not just because J’s turkey was a punk rocker wearing a monocle:

Disguise Turkey TomAnd not just because A’s turkey was a “fine British gentleman headed out on the town”:

Disguise Turkey TomBut because unbeknownst to any of us, J saw where A placed his project and then slipped his own disguised turkey into A’s homework folder. So A arrived at school on Thursday with his math homework and an additional disguised turkey Tom. Apparently A and the kids at school thought it was HILARIOUS. Best J prank yet!

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We interrupt this broadcast…

for a J and Buzz Lightyear Christmas announcement…

Ready, Buzz?

PSAJ and Buzz want to remind you to fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child (drop offs are this week! You can locate various locations around your area by going online).

PSAWe picked out items for a box for a boy and items for a box for a girl. My favorite part of picking the items with the boys was picking out Hello Kitty socks (“We’ve got to get those, you love Hello Kitty” A said) and also that the boys picked out a race car for both boxes (“What if they play together?” A asked…”won’t they both want to race a car?”). True story, A.

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThese boys love to draw, color, and create.

I need more of these examples in my life (just match this, with this, with this). Thank you!

I want to buy all the pillow covers. And the coffee cup that says “I know!”

What is the world coming to when people are trying to make bug granola bars happen. Oh and by the way…Screech totally introduced that in an episode of Saved By the Bell. Sorry, hipsters.

This dress + This sweater = Fall perfection.

On Thanksgiving, we are going to sit down with these cut-outs and be like “okay kids, we have just a simple ten step craft to put together”. That’ll keep them occupied for a while.

The social life of a Mom. Otherwise known as “let’s hang out while we volunteer for something for the kids”. I think it’s called “joining a committee”.

Perfect holiday dinner wear…and I already have this shirt in my cart.

I love a home that exudes a sense of joy and happiness.

Gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o in a statement coat.

Applesauce cake. Basically a caramel apple made into a cake sounds fabulous.

A different spin on a photo book

And finally, a holiday drink! Cheers!

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Real life

This is what happens if I try to document anything I’m wearing…

Real LifeThis was followed by the phrase “wait, were you doing something?”

At least my hair and make-up were on point:

Real LifeSo there’s that. Happy Thursday, Friends!

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