Wine and butter scallops

Wine and butter scallopsOn Saturday I was at Costco with my sister and my Mom and they had fresh USA fabulous looking scallops. I bought a pound for B and I to split for dinner, while the boys had chicken nuggets and corn. These were so quick to put together, we paired them with crusty bread and ate every bite! This is a wine at the end dish, so I wouldn’t serve it to the boys unless we left it out completely, or cooked it up at the beginning.


1 lb scallops

2 1/2 tbs of butter

1 tbs of rosemary leaves

The juice of 1/2 of lemon

1/4 cup of wine


Melt the butter with about 1 tbs of olive oil over medium-high heat in a large saute pan. Once it has melted and starts to bubble, lightly salt and pepper the scallops and then put them in a single layer in the pan. Cook for three minutes and then flip each scallop. Add the rosemary and cook for another three minutes. At the very end (about one minute left) add the lemon juice and wine. Check the scallops for doneness (they are tricky because you don’t want to over or under cook them…I look to see that they are a opaque white all the way through) and then serve hot with crusty bread that you also picked up from Costco.

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Final basketball game of the season

A has really amazed us with how much he has enjoyed basketball. He is already looking forward to the next season! Since Saturday was his last game I brought my good camera and got some pictures of him in action.

Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball gameThis is the first sport that he has played that he has talked about how he wants to continue playing way before the season begins. I think he has really enjoyed all the running and jumping! We are planning to get a higher basketball goal for practicing before next winter!

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Puppy Pawty

J was thrilled to turn 4, and he was especially pumped that he got to have both his school party and his birthday party on the same day! B and I felt a little bit like we had been to a college blow-out the next morning, (except in family friendly form…ha!), but it was great to be able to have his celebration all done on one day.

He ran from his room that morning yelling “I’m four everyone!!”

Puppy PartyThen I met up with him at school to have cookies, juice, and pass out a few puppy themed treats to his classmates… Puppy PartyThen I whipped up funfetti puppy chow for the boys to snack on while we party prepped that afternoon… Puppy Party Puppy partyHere are some of the decorations…

Puppy PartyOnce everyone arrived we started opening presents… Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy PartyThen after feasting on hot dogs, chili, and chips it was time for cake!

IMG_0333 IMG_0340 Puppy Party Puppy PartyThe day after the party A was reminding everyone that he was “still 4” even though his birthday was past. And in case you are wondering even after all the excitement and no napping he still woke up bright and early at 6:10 a.m. Seriously!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesJ is FOUR! More pictures to come next week, but I especially loved this little gem of J wearing his new Spiderman sunglasses.

I always have an eye out for a new cookbook, especially one that combines techniques and recipes.

A spin on our favorite sweet potato soup recipe.

Valentine books, that would be all new to the boys.

Well hello there, baby I do not know…

Creating a watercolor picture of your kiddos favorite lovey.

Loving Dakota Johnson’s waves. 

Two words: tiny hedgehog.

Chef’s Table: My new favorite Netflix show.

A digital photo scrapbook page, love!

DIY Instagram accounts to follow and be inspired by.

I laughed out loud reading this lighting article…because we have these lights and call them as such!

Marshmallow activity fun! This is right up my alley for stuff to do with the boys on the weekends and after school.

And finally, this fantastic clock.

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Shrimp and grits

Shrimp & GritsOn Saturday night while the boys were feasting on pizza and ice cream and watching The Penguins of Madagascar, B and I made shrimp and grits and french bread for dinner. We did a slight spin on the recipe, by grilling the shrimp instead of the brown butter saute. The gouda is a more expensive choice for the grits, but it definitely creates the flavor of the dish and is worth the price. Hope you enjoy it!

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Creating shadows

Groundhog craftDo people celebrate groundhog day besides those in Punxutawney, PA? The boys love making shadows and we were in need of a downtime activity on Sunday, so I pulled together this little craft and book to read.  Groundhog craft Groundhog craftAll you need is dark colored cardstock, popsicle sticks or dowels, and tape! Then we just drew, cut, and they were ready to go! Groundhog DIY Groundhog DIY Groundhog DIYAfter some initial shenanigans of trying to take a picture, then we made lots of shadows! A determined that the groundhog will always see his shadow, and J determined that the groundhog was nice in the story and the pig was not nice. Good lessons. HA!

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Weekend Roundup

Is it Monday already? We spent the weekend reading, reading, reading, and playing outside soaking as much of this fabulously warm weather as possible

However, we kicked off the weekend on Friday with A’s month long reading program at school. I am so infinitely proud of this boy! Weekend Round UpAfter a bout of bad croup and an ear infection J is finally (slowly) getting back to his normal happy self. And he is soooo excited to turn 4 this week! I can barely believe he is almost 4!

Weekend Round UpOn Friday night B and I tested out a new game, Pandemic, and had frozen hot chocolates. Good game, good dessert:

Weekend Round UpA has been reading all sorts of books for his reading program, and J is more than happy to listen:

Weekend Round UpOn Saturday the boys had ice cream and movie night (Penguins of Madagascar):

Weekend Round UpAfter the boys were tucked into bed, Brian and I finished up the Netflix series Master of None (which is quite funny):

Weekend Round UpOn Sunday, the boys spent a ton of time outside playing Ninja Warrior and just swinging:

Weekend Round UpThe great happiness of just swinging.

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWell, this is rare.

I stumbled across a great reading blog with a great book idea for J. Rhino crash!

How B feels when it snows.

We’re going to need a lot more snow to make snow cream. Otherwise it’s going to be dirt and grass cream.

A discussion about your favorite age to parent.

A journal that makes you happy. Mine would be filled with lists and organization ideas, so I don’t know how it couldn’t be happy.

Healthier desserts that are still delicious.

A museum idea for our California trip this summer.

How kids learn through traveling. I’m surprised they neglected to include “the lesson that you can’t get off a plane once it starts”.

Thoughts on work and kids.

A debut novel that sounds impassioned and intriguing.

A sunny clementine cocktail to warm up your winter.

Closet basics to pick up whenever you find them. Mine are these jeans, these tanks, this hoodie.

And finally, a Birkin bag is better than buying gold. Or stocks. Makes sense.

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On my nightstand…

Reading ListRead it, reading it, reading it next.

My Salinger Year is a terrific read if you ever read The Catcher in the Rye or any other book by J.D. Salinger. It is an intriguing look into the publishing and agent book industry and about Salinger and his fans. I was a bit bogged down with the author’s boyfriend in the book who was pretentious…I have to say I skimmed a lot of the sections he was in.

If you are intrigued by creative thinking, writing, drawing, anything Big Magic is great insight into the ideas surrounding creativity. I just started this book two days ago and I’m already half way through it. It’s a great read.

I grabbed The Clasp on a whim when I was picking up Big Magic because Mindy Kaling said EVERYONE was reading it. So I’m mainly going to see what all the hype is about.

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Hat + Muff

Hat + MuffWhat I was most excited about in the snow? Getting to break out my new hat and muff [similar here]!

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