Scouts Out!

After the holiday break , A and B are back to scouting. This outing they did some hiking, an obstacle course race, and worked on a skit for their upcoming camp out. Here are some more pictures from their adventure!

They also did some rock skipping: And checked out the functioning of a radio: 

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Simple chili

My favorite chili is simple and straight forward, with not a lot of extra sauce. I’ve found if I make it this way, the boys eat it really well. An added bonus! Here is our current go to chili recipe.

Simple Chili

1 lb ground beef

1 can red kidney beans, drained and rinsed

1 can diced tomatoes

1 40z can tomato paste

2 chopped bell peppers (any color)

taco seasoning

1-2 cups chicken broth

Toppings: shredded cheddar cheese and cilantro


Saute’ bell peppers in 1 tbs canola oil for about 5 minutes. Brown ground beef. Add in taco seasoning and stir. Add in the rest of the ingredients and cook on medium low for 20-25 minutes. Enjoy!

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Weekend Adventures

On our three day weekend, I did paper shredding, laundry, linen closet cleaning, and study straightening, all of which are super exciting adult tasks that I did not take pictures of. Ha! However, here are some of the actual exciting parts of our weekend…

I finally got the chance to wear my new boots! Although this picture makes it look a lot colder than it actually was:

On Saturday we celebrated my Dad’s birthday by going to Mellow Mushroom and then back to my parents for cake and presents:

On Sunday we went to church and then B headed to cub scouts with A, and J and I went searching for a family of turtles:

We did not find the turtle family, but we did see a blue heron catch a big fish, and collected some leaves:

And then A had a basketball game Sunday night:

The boys started out Monday by dragging out all of their tsum tsums and playing tusm tsum vet:

And then B and A started working on A’s pinewood derby car:

And tomorrow we’re back to work and school! And basketball games! And cub scouts! Is it the weekend, yet??

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Friday Favorites


I have been really enjoying reading the Sherlock Holmes anthology, so naturally now I’m looking for similar stories. Mrs. Sherlock Holmes is at the top of my list.

What to wear with your leggings.

Styling your bangs while you’re growing them out.

Revelation instead of resolution.

Winter wear…in case winter comes back again.

J has decided he needs chapter books because he can read a few words now…which is the funniest thing ever. He now calls out different things (a tree! a window!) and says the since he can spell it, he can say it. He can’t, but it’s nice to see his enthusiasm!

Pride and Predjudice in an Instagram era. Insightful!

Great selection of brights for winter.

The art of the handwritten note.

Weeknight recipe: Pork shoulder with pineapple and sesame broccoli. 

And finally, the eye shadow video I watched this morning that made me get out my unused NARS primer sample. 

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Lego coaster

For Christmas A had several Lego sets on his list. However, I have not seen him actually put together a Lego set on his own in about a year. He likes the idea of the set, but then he just ends up playing with his box of random Legos and making his own creations. After doing some searching I got an idea and we got him these items instead of a set:

I have to say I was a little nervous that he would be upset because J got a Lego set and he got the items above instead. However, he LOVED it. And after seeing this:

Lego coaster

And his finished creation:

Lego coasterWhich was inspired by the Lego ideas book, I knew we’d picked the right present. Excited to see what he builds next!

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The snow day that wasn’t

On Thursday night, our governor declared a state of emergency, and hence the boys’ schools closed for Friday. They were thrilled at the idea of building a snowman and playing out in the snow. Upon waking up the next morning, there was zero snow. And for the rest of the day there was no snow. So instead of playing in the snow, we had a no snow day of fun!

We made waffles: Waffles

Then bundled up and headed out to spend the boys’ Christmas money that was burning a hole in their pockets.  No snow day

We went to Toys R’ Us and J knew exactly what he wanted (a Lego set):

No snow day

And A wanted Pokemon cards:

However, A did not spend all his money at Toys R’ Us, so after a quick stop at Panera’s for lunch:

No snow day

We headed to Barnes and Noble for some book shopping:

And train playing:

No snow day

A picked out Treasure Island and a Steve Gibbs mystery book:

And then after we got home B and J got right to work on his new Lego set:

No snow day

Then next day it was bitterly cold, so the boys spent time playing Pokemon cards:

And had a dual chess and qixels set-up:

We are ready for temps to bounce back since it isn’t going to snow! Here’s hoping for 50 degrees and sunshine, so the boys can go outside!

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Friday Favorites

New stack of books!

Beachy waves with volume. 

The pizza rolls I was planning to make for New Year’s Eve but didn’t, so I’ll make them for dinner in the new year! 

Getting cozy when the temps drop to twenty degrees.

An idea for the many pork tenderloins I get from Costco.

How to plan a winter getaway. You know, to get away from all this snow we’re having. Insert eye roll.

And with that getaway, picking out the best shoes for travel.

Easier to complete than typical resolutions.

Inspiration for our future bonus room, seriously wondering if I can build one on our current house, ha!

Creating cold weather layers.

Bored of playing in all the snow piled up outside? Check out this cat commercial. It’ll make your day! 

I’m going to food saver this chicken wonton soup for lunches since no one in my family can eat it but me.

Seven steps for road mapping your career progress. Great ideas for my business students!

 The smoothie project

And finally, stripes! You know I love them. 

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Barbecue chicken pasta

Besides his totally awesome PS4 that B got for Christmas, he also got a Food Saver (yes, he asked for that). He is tired of turkey sandwiches everyday, so now he’s on a quest to mix it up by making lunches on the weekend, food saving (savering?) them, and then re-heating them in a mini crockpot. I have no complaints because I’m reaping the benefits with taste testing and bonus lunches for me of his leftovers. His first meal is a barbecue chicken pasta that is so good you need to make it right now. I’m not even joking. It’s that good. Oh and it’s a one pot meal. Even better! Happy lunching! I’ll keep you posted on what he cooks next! 

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