One warm Wednesday…

We took a long walk (even though it was windy)…

Warm WednesdayWe balanced all the animals on their boat…

Warm WednesdayWe went to story time at the library (and half of J’s class showed up to join us)…

Warm WednesdayWe stuffed Wednesday folders for A’s class…

Warm WednesdayWe started setting out spring and St. Patrick’s Day decorations (even though there was sleet coming)…

Warm WednesdayAnd when A got home from school, we ran and played outside for almost two hours, while it was still 75 degrees… Warm WednesdayBecause we knew that we would wake up to ice, sleet, and 25 degrees on Thursday. We enjoyed every bit of our warm weather…until it comes around again.

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Print Mixing & Dreaming of Spring

Okay, I’m ready for Spring. We enjoyed the snow day last week, but now with a possible round of ice on Thursday and looking at yet another school delay, I’m ready for warmer weather and less feeling like we are stranded in the middle of Frozen. With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about key pieces to re-vamp my wardrobe for the spring and summer. I love the idea of print mixing, but I want to avoid looking like a Picasso painting gone wrong.

My best idea? Keep it simple. I avoid going with different various stripes (I can’t handle that), but different prints all together, but share a common thread (color).

Print Mixing[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

So, the key is to not make it seem like you are trying to hard. Keep the jewelry a little more fun (avoid prim items, like pearls), add a chunky sandal (definitely a heel…flats are going to go to feel old, unless you want to go totally the other direction and wear sneakers), and do a messy top knot, or a care-free half braid.

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Boys’ Styling Essentials

Boys' Hair EssentialsYou may have noticed that while the boys look quite a bit alike, their hair is as different as night and day. I’ve found it’s worth it to invest in a few pricier products to manage their hair, because they don’t run through it that fast.

Boys' Hair Essentials1. I use honest brand shampoo because it doesn’t irritate the boys’ sensitive skin and is a good basic product. It also contains coconut oil, which is helpful in detangling J’s crazy hair.

2. J’s hair is just wild. It’s thick and tangles so easily. There are many days where a comb would essentially get stuck in J’s hair. Forever. The mini detangler brush is a life-saver, and the detangling spray has a leave in conditioner that helps keep his hair calm.

3. On the other side, A has perfect hair. I really cannot put it any other way. His hair looks virtually the same when he wakes up as it has when he goes to bed. His only real issue is that it is so thick it gets “pouffy” on the sides as it grows out. All he really needs is a simple comb, and I love Bumble and Bumble prep spray because it helps smooth out the pouffiness and keeps it that way all day.

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Our annual snow day

We almost thought that we would get just a smattering of snow this year….boy were we wrong…

Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow SnowWe built snowmen, snow forts, and igloos as well. We rolled snow like blankets across the grass and spent more time outside than we had be able to in weeks. At the end of the day we had used all the snow we could. An annual snow day well spent.

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Friday Favorites

How can it go from this…

Friday FavoritesTo this…

Friday Favoritesin a blink of an eye? While I work on my snow tan, darlings check out my favorites from the week.

Did you know I was Posh Spice for Halloween one year? Okay it was two years. My love of Victoria Beckham’s style continues to this day.

A black and white print of the 64 moons of Jupiter perfectly encapsulates our subtly quirky home decor.

My new favorite instagram to follow…indigo bunting. She creates delightful and colorful collections of all sorts of things.

A quick way to switch up my “hair is wet and I’m just going to pull it a crazy topknot” routine.

An artist whose circle prints I immediately added to my list of artists to study this summer with the boys.

If you want kids to sit still you have to give them time to run and play outside. How have we gotten to a point that we need articles because people don’t understand that anymore??

If I could put pops of pink all through our house I would. However, I’m slightly outnumbered.

Chocolate covered clementine smoothie? You don’t have to ask me twice.

How to expertly contour your face, and a great palette to create it.

Japanese sweet potatoes that have me excited about our Whole Foods opening.

I stumbled upon “They Draw & Cook” this week and their collection of illustrated spice recipes. I’m completely obsessed with it! My favorites are The Moroccan Spice Mix, and The Brazilian Tempero Baiano Spice Mix…but they are all great.

Wedge sandals that have me dreaming of just a little bit of spare change. And by a little I mean a lot. HA!

And finally, a tutorial on creating a repeating pattern for graphic designers and home studies alike.

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Learning Letters

I was thinking back the other day on all of my past posts from when I used to do learning projects with A when he was around J’s age. Working with J on letters, shapes, numbers, and colors recognition has been successful at times and not so successful at other times. J very much likes to do things himself, so I have to choose things that he can do most of the work. For example, he doesn’t like me to trace his hand…he wants to trace his hand. And he definitely doesn’t want me to help him trace his hand. In addition to that, his attention span to doing “sit down” learning is much shorter than A’s used to be, so I have to use my time wisely and switch up activities.

Based on this idea, I have started a “learning hour” with him several times throughout the week where we dedicate that one hour to learning about one of the recognition items I listed above. So this week we talked about the letter C…

Letter C Letter CSo in keeping with the ideas above I first drew a big letter C on a piece of easel paper, then J glued construction paper cookies to. While I was getting the supplies together and cutting out the cookies, I found a stack of post it note type letters that I let J search through to find the letter C. Once he found his post it note letters he glued that to his paper as well. Then we flipped through magazines together (which he loves to do) and found pictures of items that started with the letter C. Then he glued those to the paper. J loves to glue items, so that was the main plan I had with our project.

After he started to get restless with pasting items, we moved on. We found different items around the house that started with the letter C, and then we ate a cookie and cantaloupe…snack time is always J’s favorite. After his picture dried we hung it on the wall so that he could see his letter Cs all week. And admired it. And counted the Cs on it. We also read “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” and “Click Clack Crocodile’s Back”…two books that focus on a word that begins with the letter C.

J loved each of the different activities, especially singing C is for cookie, and gluing the letters on the easel paper. Next week we are going to work on recognizing the number 1 and I’ve got some plans with stickers (another J favorite). Oh and the best part? How proud J was to show off his letter C picture to B and A. A happy boy….who now knows the letter C (most of the time). :)

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A lot of snow

SnowIn a whirlwind seven hours we went from no snow to seven inches and counting. Our stump tree has never looked better.

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Hard at Work….

School delays, and sleet/snow days have me feeling like I’m constantly behind over the last week. In the middle of creating lesson plans and grading speeches I had to share this picture:

Hard at WorkColored pencils by his side, and a huge sheet of paper. Hard at work.

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A bit more snow…

On Wednesday we had a little bit of snow. On Friday we got a bit more….

snowThe snow was dry so we were only able to muster together a tiny snowman. However, it made for great snow angels, and tossing snow in the air while singing lines from Frozen. Not that I did that.

snowThe boys watched until the snow had piled up enough to really scoop together some piles…

SnowTo throw at each other!

And J was a busy bee, shoveling snow to make any sort of snowman…

Snow Snow SnowYou don’t watch Frozen as many times as this kid has and not believe that you can magically make a snowman appear in any snow situation.

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesSharing a blanket and giggles on a wintry afternoon.

Long Skirt + Long Sweater combinations to carry you from winter into spring.

Light filled rooms with a gorgeous kitchen gallery wall.

Winter comfort sandwiches with a kick.

Butter + Flour = A terrific space science experiment.

Staying stylish and warm during subzero temperatures.

Please tell me I don’t have to spend another generation of hearing “exccuuuussse me, princess”.

Every bedroom can use a few little extras to make it a perfect space.

Pecan sticky buns sounds like the perfect breakfast for a cold winter morning.

Perfect shoe storage that reminds me of a library cabinet.

Pink, blue, or black…every version of this coat is fabulous.

What better to do while watching the tonight show than to eat tonight show themed ice cream?

New York after Paris…a thoughtful introspective.

And finally, during this winter weather, all I can think about is traveling someplace warm. And having some travel tips to get there is always appreciated.

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