Friday FavoritesĀ 

Simple chicken pho for those cold February nights.

The importance of etiquette

Lunchbox cookies.

The case for under-packing.

Just a small batch of cupcakes.

Why we need sleep. Otherwise known as the persuasive video my students watched this week.

A lighter version of one of my favorite bronzers. 

Vases the look pretty with or without flowers. At my house they’d most likely be without, ha!

And finally a summer suit that has me searching through my closet to try. 

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Energy bars

The little morsel represents why I love my boot camp instructors so much! Our instructor brought these as a treat for us and I may have left with the Tupperware of the leftovers. I had to share so I don’t lose the recipe, and can make them for the boys…because I ate the rest before I shared them. Ha!

Energy Bars

2 tablespoons whole flaxseeds (or approximately 3 tablespoons ground)
1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons water
2 cups old-fashioned oats
1/2 cup whole wheat pastry or white whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup organic sugar
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup chocolate chips
1/3 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup sunbutter or a nut butter (peanut, almond, etc.)

1. Preheat oven to 375. Gind flaxseeds and combine with water (or just combine already ground flaxseeds with water). Set aside.
2. Combine oats, flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar in a mixing bowl. Stir in raisins and chocolate chips.
3. In a separate bowl, combine maple syrup and nut/sunbutter and mix until smooth. Combine nut butter mixture with flaxseed-water mixture.
4. Add we mixture to dry and stir well. The mixture will seem dry, but keep stirring until fully integrated.
5. Press the mixture into an 8X8 inch pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Bake for 15 minutes. Allow pan to cool slightly, then cut into bars and transfer to a cooling rack.

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Local favorites

I love our city! I especially love our eclectic and lovely shops and restaurants as do our boys (cupcakes and tacos! Yes, please!). Here is a weekly round up of some of our local favorites from sweets, treats, to eats! And bows that are petite! Ha!

Valentine’s cupcakes from Smallcakes

Valentine’s present from Sweet Pineapple

Mahi-Mahi fish tacos from Rosie’s

Little bows for a special little miss from Itty Bitty (which is closing! I’m so sad!)…

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This and that

This weekend we headed to Target because J’s birthday money was burning a hole in his pocket…

And he put together his new set all by himself!

I kept true to my promise of updating my plant game and I’m now actively trying to keep them alive…

And B made chicken, pineapple, and red pepper kabobs and they were delicious:

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Friday Favorites

Like soaking up the last bit of sun on our driveway, I’ve had home on my mind this week.

One of our current projects is creating a new study/gaming area for the boys.

It feels a bit like spring and a lot like the beginning of summer lately, so I’m revisiting salads sooner than usual.

Can you evolve into someone who likes sports? I feel like that’s where I’ve gone since having two boys who love sports and a husband who lives for game day Saturday. 

The paper plane video that has entranced the boys. 

And the video about the movie Arrival and its communication elements that astounded me. And a student sent it to me! My students are the best! 

Eyeliner that’s smudge free? Tell me more!

The shirt in my Jcrew shopping cart.

What students teach. Powerful and lovely message! 

I’m on a plant mission. That is I’m on a mission to put plants in our house that (a.) we aren’t allergic to, and (b.) I can actually keep alive. It’s tough, but I’m determined!

And finally, thinking about a picture holder to complete the decor I’m working on for our bookcase. 

And now we’re riding off to the weekend!

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February book review

So here our February round-up of some of our current reads!

I’m reading…

So far this is not my favorite. While it has some good thoughts, as a teacher I have a problem when someone cites wikipedia as a useful search engine (it’s not) and uses appeal to tradition fallacies. Plus I got a 100 on the quiz at the beginning. So boom. Parenting done. Just kidding. Not about the 100 part. I’m not playing around with quizzes.

Okay, so on to some of my favorites:

I keep thinking that I’m going to finish this book and it NEVER ends. Worse than that, I’m slightly obsessed with finishing the book and so I cannot put it down. I only have 100 pages left I think. Out of a lot.

The library book I have waiting in the wings…

I love non-fiction books, especially ones about cooking. I’m going to take a break from Sherlock Holmes to start this one. Maybe.

And what I read every morning:

My in-laws gave me this one year Bible for Christmas and I’m busily making my way through it. I’ve always wanted to read the Bible all the way through and this provides a great way to do that!

And on A’s list…

This is a series of mystery books that A is reading. The author has several other series, but these are A’s favorite so far.

And A is also reading:

The Ramona series. He thinks they are “very funny” and after reading Ramona the Pest he asked if there are are more that he could read about Ramona.

And we are reading J:
J is starting to read, so he likes having the element of chapter books like his big brother.



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Chicken tacos-food saver style

Can I just pause for a second? J is getting way too independent on me at age 5. He is brushing his teeth well by himself, can buckle his own seat belt, and announced that he’ll be starting a job soon. What?? I’m not ready!!

The other day I was making lunch and I was super glad that B is on a food saver kick and I can quickly open the fridge and find the following:

To make the chicken, we sprinkled the chicken with taco seasoning, drizzled them with canola oil and then baked them oven at 350 for 25 minutes. B food-savered the chicken after we chopped it and then separated it out in the fridge with cheese and lettuce packets.


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Lego Batman and the boys’ first sleepover

I know what you’re thinking, with their cousins living down the street how have the boys not had sleepovers before? I attribute that to the fact that their cousins live down the street. They spend quite a bit of time together, and even if they played until late, it was just a quick two minute car ride back to their house. However, with my oldest nephew turning 11 last week (how did that happen??), he was having a sleepover at his house, so my youngest nephew came to our house.

And of course, it was the perfect weekend because LEGO BATMAN was opening. Forget La La Land…this is the movie everyone in my house has been talking about. HA!

After the movie we headed to Zaxby’s were we learned an important lesson (chicken nibblers is a chicken sandwich NOT chicken nuggets):

And then we brought the boys back to our house where they played a round of one of their on-going games (I think they have four or five continual games they are playing):

And then they settled down and played about thirty minutes of electronics before heading off to bed.

They had such a blast! They are already planning their next sleepover.

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Pinewood derby 2017

A had his first Pinewood derby this past weekend! He had a great time, and he won first place in his den! He’s already working on his design for next year. His car had to make it through four heats, but before they got started we took some pre-race pictures:

And he led the Pledge of Allegiance (I’m going to say this was my proudest moment of the day. It was packed and he did so well!):

And then the race began!

After fifty heats they announced the winners:

Both A and his cousin J earned first place for speed in their dens! They were pumped!

And finally a picture with B and A together! B put a lot of time into helping A get his car race ready. He’s the best!


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Friday Favorites

One last pic from J’s birthday week. This is him listening as his great-grandparents sang him happy birthday over the phone. It was my favorite part of his day. So sweet!

Chili to make with our chili starter in the freezer. 

For my non-boot camp days when J is outside swinging. 

A week of outfit inspiration.

Abstract graphic and cubism inspired prints make me happy! 

Paint pallets to inspire your next art project

Sky blue for our blue sky February. 

The pretzel bites we had for our super bowl snack. 

Thoughts on Creativity, Inc. to further my class discussion on organizations. 

Best Valentines ever. 

How fun is this cherry paper wreath

An article on a soul food chef, both insightful and mysterious.

Reading after kids. 

Potential Valentine’s meal. 

Chai tea sugar? Yes, please. 

And finally, I’m testing out Olay’s depuffing eye cream after reading through a list of potentials. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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