Friday Favorites

HalloweenAs I was trying to decide a good picture for my Friday Favorites post, I came across this stellar little gem from 2006. B and I as Mario and Princess Peach, pre-wedding, pre-babies, pre-thirties. Time goes by like the ever illusive finger snap that A is currently trying to perfect. As you prepare your own little ghouls and boys for trick-or-treating, here are some of my favorites from the week. Enjoy!

I’m looking forward to spinning our classic vanilla ice cream with a sweet potato and marshmallow twist.

Coats beautifully combining olive green, fur trim, and military details.

I love it when I find extra articles to use for my classes, like the benefits of office gossip. Watercooler talk is so strategic! That being said, I don’t think many offices have watercoolers anymore, so maybe we should scratch that phrase.

And while we are already talking shop, I love a good discussion on the importance of collaboration among group work.

Now that we are finishing up October, time to jump in to Christmas! HA! I’ll get a head start with this chocolate cherry almond biscotti.

Love the fit and flare of these wide legged jeans…combined with the sweater and button-up, it’s perfection!

A sweet DIY rail for hanging picture frames.

A sprinkle covered cookie…yes, please.

I love this energetic approach of brights + whites to fall decorating.

Seeing the haunted prison from The Shawshank Redemption? Definitely on B’s bucket list.

On thoughts of Halloween inspiration, did you know Barbie is a blogger now? I wonder if she’ll do a TBT to when she talked about math being hard. Scandalous.

It’s about to get COLD here, for about two days. These slow cooker country ribs look like a great meal to usher in this bit of winter.

And finally…I’ve got these rising on the stove right now for breakfast tomorrow. Happy Halloween!


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Navy + Coral

When I was doing some fall work shopping at the end of the summer, I was motivated to find more dresses to add to my closet. Some mornings it is more daunting to try to put together separates rather than sticking on a dress and pairing it with a cardigan. Per my usual mantra I tried to find similar pieces to match the outfit. However, I fell flat with the cardigan! I would say the color is probably a bit easier to find in the summer, so if you find a good match, let me know and I’ll share!
Navy + Coral

[Banana Republic dress, similar here and here and here], [JCrew Cardigan], [Target Bracelets...similar here], [Open Toe Pumps...similar here], [Necklace...similar here], [Earrings...similar here]

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Sweet Boys reading“I’ll read to you,” said A.

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Pumpkin Carving 2014

A had been itching to carve the pumpkins we got when we went out to the farm several weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to do it this past weekend with the rounds of flu passing through our house, but by Sunday the boys (and us) had enough energy to get it done!

pumpkin carving 2014 Pumpkin Carving 2014

A was so obsessed with finding the perfect pumpkin and went through several choices before finding the one he liked. J wanted a little “baby” pumpkin, and when we pointed him in the direction of a larger one he said “I pick dat one”. And that one it was.


The boys did a good job helping scoop out the pumpkins, but they picked some pretty intricate face designs this year, so B and I did the cut-outs (he cut-out A’s Darth Vader and I cut-out J’s Yoda).

Pumpkin Carving 2014They were happy with the results!

October 20146May the Halloween force be with you! HA!

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Re-working corn & poblano soup

Corn ChowderAs we head toward colder evenings, I am beginning the process of re-inventing all of our soups to match B’s allergy issues. Gone is the typical soup starter of celery, carrots, and onions. I found this great recipe and I immediately began planning how to re-work it. Instead of onions and poblano peppers (that I couldn’t find at the store), I used a yellow pepper, anaheim pepper, and a jalapeno pepper (all seeded and chopped). For my soup I topped with chopped green onions, and of course B’s I left plain. I also threw in two peeled and chopped russet potatoes to help provide a more filling soup since it was our main dinner of the night. I left out the step of roasting the corn (because honestly I didn’t have the time), and then used a hand immersion blender to break up the soup a bit, but still left it fairly chunky. I also added a little more chicken stock to smooth out the soup a bit.

It turned out to be a delicious meal! Next time, I might try roasting the peppers and corn to add a more developed flavor. However, in a pinch it worked well to not roast. And that’s it! Enjoy!

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Friday Favorites

Craft SupriseIt’s a magical thing, when you are having a rough day and half your family is ill, and then Granna stops by and puts a bag full of craft supplies, projects, books, and treats on the front porch and everything is better. The boys are getting so used to the family dropping things off on the front porch that they wait now to wave at the window. Their excitement today was groceries, a separate crayon box, balloons, and cupcakes from my sister. J exclaimed “I have my own bat guy now! And my crayooons!” It’s a magical thing. Here’s praying they don’t have to wave from the window too much longer.

That being said, we’ve done quite a bit of sitting this week and here are some of my favorite things I have found! Enjoy! And get your flu vaccines now! I’m wondering if I can pre-order ours next year….or put in for a pre-flu vaccine special. That’d be awesome.

We stumbled upon these fabulous little Leo Lionni board books at the library, and now I’m anxious to read the rest with J. I love a discussion of who, what, when, where, and why!

I always love changing up recipes slightly, and black pepper buttermilk biscuits sound like a great twist.

I hate to give out this secret, but I’m not a huge pumpkin flavor fan. However, this baked pumpkin oatmeal could convince me otherwise.

Great tips on how to cut down hair blow drying time. Always looking for ways to get ready a little faster in the morning!

A bright yellow coat to add a bit of cheer to fall.

One of my friends from college is an amazing thrift store shopper. This insightful look at thrift store shopping reminded me of her!

I would love to start one of these!

Such a simple, yet effective way to make over your entryway.

When things get rough, our family motto is to dance it out.

One of the items my Mom dropped off was a stack of orange plates to make these masks.

Modern, black and white, Halloween garland. Does it still count if we put it up after Halloween? I doubt I could do modern, black and white, turkey garland. HA!

If you tell me that you found a lipstick that looks good on everyone you have certainly peaked my interest.

If you’re thinking that I have a lot of craft posts this week, you would be thinking right. Like this awesome straw paper plane.

A boys’ room I love from the low shelf to the garbage truck poster.

Since I will already have buttermilk for the biscuits above, I might as well make some honey bread as well with a meatless Monday meal of cauliflower cheese.


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Layers + Pop of Yellow

Let’s say the weather is turning colder. We could also say that my office is typically 10 to 20 degrees below the temperature in my upstairs classrooms. Either way, I love layering and I look forward to those months (that are sometimes preciously short in the south) that we get to do it.

Layers + Pop of Yellow[Express Shirt- Similar Here], [Target Skirt-Similar Here], [DSW Boots-Newest Here], [Anthropologie Belt- Similar Here]

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Birthday Party Day!

Sixth Birthday PartySince yesterday I shared the decorations from the party, today I have pictures of the boys from the party! A had such a blast and it was a perfect day for an outdoor party. He was particularly excited about his shoes :) Here are some more of my favorite pictures from the day…

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Simple G.I. Joe Birthday Party

G.I. Joe Party ThemeEarlier in the year A decided he wanted to have a hiking birthday party. Then he changed his mind at least twenty times and when I finally made him decide on a theme he picked G.I. Joe. G.I. Joe party theme items can be difficult to come by, so I had to do a bit of searching. Here is what I came up with and how I planned it all out…

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Hiking the blue line

Blue Trail 2On one of our recent hikes we went through part of the blue line trail on Monte Sano and I thought I would share our adventure…

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