J shows you…

IMG_6377J has a funny game he has started playing, where he says “come wit me!” and then he leads me to where we keep our camera and he says “git camera, pwease”. And then he proceeds to want me to take pictures of something he thinks is super important. Which brings me to a little segment post called “J Shows You!” So here is our first…J shows you: his adapted version of “head, shoulders, knees and toes”

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Ice cream cookie cups

Ice Cream Cookie CupsOne of the other things the boys and I did this weekend was make ice cream cookie cups. They turned out exactly how the recipe states and they tasted amazing. B took a few photos of us making them if you would like to see…

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Just hanging out…

After a pretty hectic Friday (in which I never made it to posting Friday Favorites, yikes!), we spent the rest of our weekend taking it a bit easier…

Like cruising around the neighborhood in the wagon looking for dragonflies…


Eating Popsicles on the front porch…

Weekend 2

Finding a very exciting cloud shaped like a snail (seriously…they were WAY excited)…

Weekend 3

But my favorite part of the weekend? Seeing J master the art of eating his Popsicle without getting it all over his clothes and self….

Weekend 4Well played, little man. Well played.

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Back to School: My Edition!

Summer to Fall TransitionBack to school for the boys also means back to school for me, both at work and with their various activities. I complied some of my favorites (and upcoming favorites!), for easy transitions between room mom to college instructor if you would like to see….

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Laundry is always better…

Laundry Folding IMG_6317 IMG_6318When you have a little help.

On a side note, I have to say that today was one of those days I am reminded how lucky we are to live close to my family. J woke up with a tick on his head, and neither B nor I really have any sort of experience with removing those. I jumped in the car with J still in his pajamas and drove to my parents so my Dad could remove it. Luckily, he was able to remove it easily and it does not seem to be a deer tick. After a call to our advice nurse we are monitoring him, just to be sure no other symptoms of a reaction pop up.

After that before school craziness I dropped A off in his car line and told him three times to make sure he turned right from the hallway of the door he is supposed to go in. As I pulled out of car line I watched him stand outside of the door he was not supposed to enter, and if he did go in that door he would need to turn left not right. Of course, then all I could think of was “he didn’t go in the school! He’s going to wander aimlessly outside!” You know, despite the fact that there are numerous teachers and students standing out there. I quickly called my Mom and asked if she would walk downstairs to make sure he got in the door. She sent me not only a text telling me he made it in fine, but also a picture of him sitting outside his class.

SchoolThe benefit of going to school where your Granna teaches.

After a morning that left me feeling kind of exhausted, J declared that he needed mac n’ cheese for lunch. I’m not a big fan of mac n’ cheese with J right now, because he makes a colossal mess. However, after him being such a big helper folding laundry and sitting super still so my Dad could remove the tick from his head, I decided he definitely deserved it.

Macaroni and CheeseIsn’t it awesome to be two and the best thing about your day is macaroni and cheese? Definitely worth the midday clothes change. Happy Wednesday!

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Study refresh: Geometric wall

Study refreshI have probably discussed this before, but I’m a big advocate of moving and changing things in the house to fit our lifestyle. After inheriting a new larger kitchen table, the boys’ easel and play kitchen was a tight fight in our dining area and I kept trying to figure out where to move everything. After five years of our study being mainly closed off I decided it was time for a change….

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Pine & creature finder trail

pine trail 4This little trail is a quick about 1/4 mile (or less) jaunt that is actually the first trail we ever took both boys….

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesI had to save this little gem of a picture for today. Real life, people. Real life.

All of these basics are what I have found in starting a boot camp program with my sister. It’s the best!

B asked me for a birthday gift list this week…I am putting this tassel necklace at the top.

After some serious searching I managed to track down a pull top Mario themed sports bottle (with lid) for A for school. I had to share because I know there may be some Mom’s looking for the same thing!

I’m going to have to borrow a few tools from my Dad, but I’m planning on putting together this giant DIY frame for our paper wall map.

Downloaded this great review anthology of children’s books.

These adorable back to school printables accompanied A’s cookies for his teacher on the first day.

The inspiration for the blank wall in our study.

Helping me on my quest to switch up A’s lunch routine this year.

A theory to, um, scope out in my classes this year.

Pattern mixing at its best.

And finally, a fossil treasure hunt adventure the boys would love.

Have a great weekend!

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Playing catch

A playing catch IMG_6293A morning well spent.

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Back to school 2014

The other night I was flipping through old posts on the blog to find A’s first day of preschool post (when he was two). I don’t remember being worried at all about his first day, but apparently I was because I wrote that I hardly slept that night! However, I also wrote that he walked in great and did great! And starting Kindergarten continued that trend…

First Day of SchoolHe was so excited about starting Kindergarten! He had a great first day, and had so many stories to share. He was most excited about juggling at P.E. and that if you get a sticker on your behavior chart all week you get prize! He was also excited that he got to see Granna and his cousin M at school.

I felt confident about A having a great first day, however, this one:

First Day of SchoolI was not so sure about. And he definitely proved me right. When we dropped him off, he looked around for a minute or two, pouted out his little lower lip and burst into tears. We left with the sounds of his screaming ringing in our ears. Not a great start. However, I called to check on him an hour and a half later and he was doing great. He even was a special helper! I’m sure we are going to encounter a few more tears over the next few weeks but it’s nice to know he re-bounded quickly. J can be very stubborn about letting things go, so I was glad he was able to get over us leaving and enjoy his day.

First Day of SchoolEven though J struggled a bit, we left for school with smiles on their faces! And the fact that I got a picture of them both smiling and looking at the camera is a First Day of School Miracle! HA! Happy Wednesday!

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