Making Slime

WSW: SlimeThis Wacky Science Wednesday was all about matter. We watched Bill Nye the Science Guy’s YouTube video about matter, and we also watched Disney’s Imagineering Video about Fluids. Then we got to work making slimeWSW: Slime WSW: Slime WSW: Slime WSW: SlimeWSW: SlimeThe recipe is very simple, and after several important reminders (don’t splash it, don’t eat it), the boys took turns adding glue, water, color, and borax. The coolest thing about the making it (to me and the boys) was how it immediately seizes up and changes consistency when you add the borax. The boys were laughing hysterically as they tried to mix it with their hands. It is a pretty cool experiment!

Once we finished making the slime, we discussed whether it was a liquid, solid, gas, or plasma (they voted for plasma). It worked much better than our attempt last year, but the worksheet was a great tool to use again!

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Summer Plants, Round II

One year our plants are going to last from start of season to end of season….

Summer PlantsUnfortunately this is not that year.

The intense heat took over the flowers and vegetables we had planted, so we decided to try again:

Summer Plants Summer PlantsHopefully, with more continual watering, these will fair better!

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Fourth of July Canvases

Fourth of July CanvasI picked up two 8 x 10 canvases at Hobby Lobby the other week (for 3.99 a two pack!), and came up with a quick and simple Fourth of July art project for the boys.

All I did was paint the canvases white and then let it dry for about two hours (you can do this in advance, like a day or two before). Then I applied painter’s tape (I actually ran out and had to use masking tape for A’s) to the canvases:

Fourth of July CanvasesAnd then the boys painted them red. J painted the whole thing (sides included), while A kept his sides white:

Fourth of July CanvasesAnd then we let the red paint dry for several hours. Then in the afternoon when the boys needed something to do, we stamped on our stars:

Fourth of July CanvasJ did just a couple stars, while A wanted lots and lots of stars. After they dried we displayed them with the rest of our Fourth of July decorations:

Fourth of July CanvasesYou can find the framed print here. The canvases are a cute & simple way to celebrate the holiday!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWatching the sun set on the beach.

 TWIX ICE CREAM PIE. Done. I don’t really need to post anything else. Okay, I have a few more.

The perfect summer tee and the perfect summer dress. Perfect for a trip to Hawaii. Or to dream about Hawaii while your kiddos drench each other with the hose in the backyard.

The brightness and happiness that is a pop of yellow.

More finds to consider incorporating into my office.

How to make your entryway look expensive…or less like a child has been driving their trucks up and down the walls.

A trip around the solar system.

Nail polishes for summer.

Mood placemats. Like a mood ring, but more accurate.

A DIY duct tape watch, perfect to make on a rainy summer afternoon with the boys.

Probably the only way you’d get me to wear camo.

Fourth of July free printables to add a little whimsy to your holiday decor.

And finally, tiny. baby. penguin.

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Family Style

Destin 2015Finally, a little wrap-up of some of our downtime moments at our beach house and the resort village.

Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015My brother in law, B, and my nephew M took on bicycle riding, zip lining, tower climbing, and kayaking during the trip. The younger boys were content to spend extra time playing Legos, Minecraft, and Mario during their downtime.

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Hiking Sandestin

Needing a break from the work of going to the beach, we headed out to hike through some of the resort trails and find several of the playgrounds that were around the area. It was reminiscent of the island my family lived on when I was little; lots of sand, close to the water, and hot! Although there were less crabs scuttering about. The boys were excited to find a “abandoned house” (a play house on the trail) and “treasure” (a cork coin that seemed to be from one of the local bars…ha!). They also loved the tree covered play structure that had lots of little hiding houses and most importantly, shade.

Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015(I feel like this picture needs some extra explanation…it is an osprey nest…with an osprey)

Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015

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Fine Dining

To me, there is nothing less relaxing than taking kids out to dinner. Seriously. However, we do it anyway because they’ve got to learn to use the tools we are trying to teach them at home (mouth closed when chewing, your fork is not a trident, etc.) when they are out. And if not, thank the Lord for technology… in this case Papa’s iPhone.

Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015These three. I hope they always love each other this much.

On a side note, some of our favorite restaurants (featured above) that we visited in Destin were The Crab Trap, Graffiti’s, & Stinky’s (yeah I doubted that one too, but once you get past the name, it was a terrific meal).


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Destin 2015The beach is a magical place. A tiring, magical place. The wonder of the ocean was not lost on the boys and they wanted to spend practically every minute of their time playing in the sand and jumping in the water. We spent a majority of our time chasing down J at the beach, who after initial reluctance, felt that he should (and could) be able to swim in the ocean. All the time. Every day. All day. He’s still asking when we are going back.

Destin 2015Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015

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My brother in law has a host of fishing supplies and brought them on the trip for all of us to use. Lucky for us, considering our fishing supply item count is a: 0. B and I had a great time, so we may need to start investing! My nephew M fished with the best of us, while the younger boys carried around their nets (and used them to play ninjas) to place the fish in before we tossed them back into the water.

First there was prepping of the fishing rods…

Destin 2015And then we were off to fish and take some pics!

Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015 Destin 2015Destin 2015There were a few very clever fish that kept stealing our bait, but most of us managed to catch a fish or two! And I caught a minnow in a net! BAM!

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Destin 2015

Destin 2015Beach Week 2015.

We fished, swam, boogie boarded, kayaked, hiked, went to the arcade, zip lined, tower climbed, took the boys to a “fancy restaurant”, stayed up late, played board games, and jumped in the ocean. Love my family! Thanks to my parents for a wonderful week! More pictures to come!

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