The power of four

IMG_6426I can’t say for sure if getting them matching shirts contributed to Auburn’s first win of the season. I can’t say it for sure, but I’d like to think it helped. They were certainly pumped about it. It’s cool to have matching shirts when you’re this age.

IMG_6430They spent the first part of the football game dramatically role playing, and searching for thunder.

IMG_6476Then they settled down and did the customary “War Eagle” yelling, and dancing about. That’s A saying “SEE, my shirt says AUBURN!” Yes, it does A.

IMG_6433And as the game lingered on (and then had an hour and a half rain delay), they settled into their couch and chair positions to read books and chat about random stuff. And these three. Best buds. Wherever M is J goes. And wherever M & J go Harley Dog tags along.

Whether it was the matching shirts, or just a great effort by Auburn, the boys had a great time watching the season opener. And…so it begins. Happy fall football!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThirty-two with these two, is the best.

B has been on a gluten-free diet for the past few weeks (not because it is oh so trendy right now…I would not suggest it. It’s expensive!!), and this recipe was a hit.

Colorful kitchen items make me happy.

Spoiler Alert…Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s just a Britain school girl who likes apple pie. No, seriously. So…what does that make Keroppi Frog?

Lace + Screen Print Shirt + Pink = End of Summer Perfection.

If we step up our hiking and go camping, we’ll need some essentials.

The must have printable for solving boredom.

A playful set of jacks book ends.

I adore this wooden taxi….I kind of want it for our shelves.

A tunic that could take you from yoga class to errand running to date night depending on how you style it.

A puppy dog I’m sure both boys will instantly love.

When I was picking up my Sephora birthday freebie I had a few minutes to browse and couldn’t resist grabbing the See by Chloe rollerball perfume. It’s apple + vanilla scent is a perfect transition into fall.

You all know I can’t resist a good (and inexpensive) DIY project.

And that’s it! Have a great weekend!

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Playing flu-flos

Flu-Flo'sI’m not really sure how names get created, but J has declared Duplos to be Flu-Flos. It’s a total oddity as he says Lego correctly. I digress. Duplos or Flu-Flos, these have become my saving grace in any lapse time in the morning before we take A to school. Once they are dressed (or at least A is dressed) and ready to go, I usually have a few last things to do before we head out the door. I have found on the days that J decides to bring out Duplos are the days that there is less arguing, less running in the house, and more quiet in those last couple of minutes. It’s funny how you can find joy and peace in such a small act, but it’s there! And it’s wonderful. Happy Wednesday.

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Granola bar recipe

Granola BarsSince we seem to be stockpiling food allergies around here lately, I have been making granola bars from scratch. They are based off of this recipe, but I have added some different combinations just to switch up our weekly granola bars. Here are some of my favorite combinations…

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesOur week of extracurricular activities, including: J practicing his Hollywood square hand print, the return of story time at the library, and A working to perfect his forehand and backhand swing at tennis.

A gorgeous guest room and I already have plans for doing the magazine hanger DIY.

This detailed double hook for our foyer is a steal!

Innovative uses of color and tapestry.

Clothes perfect for both a trip to Africa and fall in the south.

Buttery, smokey perfect shrimp and gouda grits.

Peach ginger muffins for breakfast or the boys’ lunchboxes.

Addressing the awkwardness that is leaving a party.

Proof that no good can come from liking everything on facebook.

A baseball sweater perfect for fall errand running.

Would love to create this hanging garden on our back porch.

A great read for the boys plus a sweet bedtime project.

Two guys from California try to find the “insanity” of tailgating at Auburn and are met with….politeness. Ya’ll, this is hilarious!

And finally…the boys’ cookie of the week.

Have a great weekend!

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Fill those shelves!

So B completed a project for me this weekend….

ShelvesOur shelves from Ikea are up! After putting them up, I set two books on them and B said, “so do you want me to get the rest of the stuff?” And I said “what stuff?” And he said “the stuff to fill those shelves” And I said “I don’t have anything to put on them.” To which B said, “soo…why did we buy these?” So now I have three shelves that I need to fill! I have a few ideas….

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J shows you…

IMG_6377J has a funny game he has started playing, where he says “come wit me!” and then he leads me to where we keep our camera and he says “git camera, pwease”. And then he proceeds to want me to take pictures of something he thinks is super important. Which brings me to a little segment post called “J Shows You!” So here is our first…J shows you: his adapted version of “head, shoulders, knees and toes”

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Ice cream cookie cups

Ice Cream Cookie CupsOne of the other things the boys and I did this weekend was make ice cream cookie cups. They turned out exactly how the recipe states and they tasted amazing. B took a few photos of us making them if you would like to see…

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Just hanging out…

After a pretty hectic Friday (in which I never made it to posting Friday Favorites, yikes!), we spent the rest of our weekend taking it a bit easier…

Like cruising around the neighborhood in the wagon looking for dragonflies…


Eating Popsicles on the front porch…

Weekend 2

Finding a very exciting cloud shaped like a snail (seriously…they were WAY excited)…

Weekend 3

But my favorite part of the weekend? Seeing J master the art of eating his Popsicle without getting it all over his clothes and self….

Weekend 4Well played, little man. Well played.

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Back to School: My Edition!

Summer to Fall TransitionBack to school for the boys also means back to school for me, both at work and with their various activities. I complied some of my favorites (and upcoming favorites!), for easy transitions between room mom to college instructor if you would like to see….

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