Dressing up a shoe organizer

Shoe Re-doWith only just a bit of drying time, I have a quick (and super easy) update for shoe organizers that may fill your closet and laundry room (as they do in mine).

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Hand me down chic

Hand me down chicCall it vintage, call it eclectic, or more appropriately call it hand me down chic. That is the style of our house these days. This picture of J on “Granna/Papa house carpet” playing with a woodland set and string beads that are at least thirty years old is so representative of that hand me down chic I had to capture it. Happy Wednesday, Friends. And happy hand me downs. :)

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Dressing up a T-Shirt

And….we have air conditioning! And not a moment too soon. I was pretty sure B was about to melt, and I was starting to get warm, so you know it was dire straights around here for a few days. Anyway, back to business. When my students have speech days I tend to wear pants because I have to sit through multiple classes of many speeches, and I have been known to prop my feet up after round two of speaking at the end of the day. I also try to blend in to the crowd a bit to make my students less anxious. One of the things that makes this work for work (to be a bit redundant) is the shirt being a thicker weight material. You want one that is fitted not loose, or you risk looking like you stuck on a pajama top with your work pants. And of course with most of my looks, a lot of these pieces I have had a long time, so I have found similar examples for you! Enjoy!

Dressing up a t-shirt[Express Editor pants (old) Similar here], [JCrew Tee (old) similar idea here], [Banana Republic necklace], [Bracelet (old), similar here], [Louise et Cie Shoes], [Nails]

*I’m starting to get craftier with my camera work…as you can see I have some added kisses on the mirror from J (He REALLLY  loves himself. HA!).

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesHappy late Friday, friends! It’s been “a week” if you will. I headed to the doctor with J on Sunday after he started showing symptoms of  a sinus infection. It was a sinus infection and he started on antibiotics that did not agree with his system, to put it mildly. Which made for quite a long week and several phone calls to his pediatrician to get his antibiotics re-structured and up the amount of probiotics he was taking. Then today after discussing that the house seemed hotter than normal we realized that our air conditioner had stopped cooling. On a Friday. At 7 p.m. So we are turning the fans up high and hoping to make it to Monday to avoid that weekend surcharge fee. There is a book that is a favorite of A’s called “Terrific” by Jon Agee. If you are having one of “those weeks” you should read it. And so without further ado at this late hour, here are some of my favorites that helped make my week a true terrific (rather than a more sarcastic one).

It’s funny because A just asked me today about artists after Pollock. That made this article even more insightful for some upcoming fall break art we are planning to do.

BBQ chicken french breads. Tasty lunch. Quick dinner.

A rose & black outfit that has inspired me for a work look next week.

Thoughts about washing your face twice in a row…I’m too tired to do that.

I love the idea of window boxes outside our front windows. I think J would find one that attracts butterflies especially captivating.

A phases of the moon wallpaper screen that the boys and I both love.

J is going to be “bat guy” for Halloween…I couldn’t resist ordering him a knit batman hat that he can wear beyond trick or treating.

My Mom and I swap book reads all the time…Unbroken is the next non-fiction on my list by her recommendation.

I can never resist a sweet craft book.

I love the idea of having little bits of “happy” around the home. Like dressing up everyday necessity tools.

I love fall drinks, like Mexican hot chocolate.

I like the idea of switching up our pizza dough routine by incorporating some whole wheat.

And finally, toffee bundt cake. To sweeten up any morning brunch.

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A little bit of Fall decor

Since it is officially fall, the boys and I have been doing some decorating and I thought I would share! The boys wanted lots of “bats, spidah’s (how J says it), and spooookkeeey stuff (“Like a Tiger!” J yelled. Kid is obsessed with tigers). I tend to go lower on the Halloween end of it because I really don’t want to have to take everything down and decorate again for Thanksgiving. Thus, here is our comprise:
September 20141 September 20142 September 20143Aren’t the plates gorgeous? Target, baby! I was super excited to find those. I also love having the boys’ costume pictures from last year on display. J has already decided he wants to be “bat guy”, but A is still up in the air. Considering how many times he has changed his mind about his upcoming birthday party, I’m hoping I’m not trying to put together a last minute costume. Or rather buy a last minute costume. HA! Happy Fall!

*Most of the decor was purchased at Target or Hobby Lobby. You can find the print here. Happy decorating!

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Animal Print + Neutrals

I’m going to start off by telling you absolutely everything in this outfit is at least over a year old. I tend to “collect” clothes and I have a real difficulty parting with stuff (as my closet can attest to). I have re-created the “look” as close as I can with the links below. Enjoy!

Animal Print + Neutrals + Pop of Yellow[Skirt], [Top], [Belt], [Shoes], [Earrings], [Bracelet], [Hair]

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Seventy tulips

Seventy TulipsAlthough it doesn’t look like much right now, beneath this garden are 70 tulips waiting for spring….

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Friday Favorites

September 2014J, happiest when he gets to be outside exploring. A, happiest when he is drawing and coloring his next great adventure.

Giving a sweater dress a feminine + elegant touch.

I’m not in the market for a new diaper bag, but I sure wish I had this backpack about two years ago. It looks amazing.

Ten things NOT to do at Disney World.

A fall perfect textured gray throw.

And speaking of fall some fun (and free) Halloween printables.

The best way to study, I already translated this to speaking practice for my class. So smart!

Obviously I need to find some indoor plants because I keep looking up articles on them. Jade seems like a gorgeous option.

Great style options for fall that include my favorite fall color (or anytime color): gray.

Speaking to every parent that has ever had to potty train a child, or carry a child yelling “NO! MORE TRAIN NOW!” out of a Barnes & Noble while people stare at you like you are crazy. Why do they look at you like you are crazy? I’m not the one yelling, people. HA!

Great ideas to switch up your own lunch routine. The ciabatta sandwich looks amazing and simple. Trying it next week!

We had A’s first parent-teacher conference this week. His reading is progressing really well and I am now getting BOB books to help him along based on his teacher’s recommendation.

This tumblr of mom stock photos will make you laugh out loud. I promise. Go read it. Today.

Every year Santa brings the boys their presents in some sort of organizing container. I’m thinking “he” might get crafty this year and make “his” own. “He” better start working now!

And lastly, as we usher in fall this weekend marshmallow chocolate chip magic bars. You all know I can’t resist a good toasted marshmallow!

Have a great weekend!


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How I persuaded J to leave the library….and a summer reading update

libraryJ LOVES the library and story time. J does not love leaving the library and story time. Therefore, I have to find an opportune window to leave in which I do not have to carry him out mid-temper tantrum. On Wednesday it was a Monster’s University DVD. That we already own at home. But he wanted to watch it and carried it around in his hands the whole time. So we checked out that DVD. Because it meant I could leave without a tantrum. And entering and leaving the library tantrum free is a good day. So now on to an update of summer reading…

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Stripes + Tan

I love sharing where I got my clothes. If you tell me that you like something I will tell you where I got it. Kind of like sharing a food recipe, except better because you can wear it. HA! Anyway, since I am dressing it up for work right now, I thought I would share a bit of what I am wearing (and maybe sometimes what J is wearing since he is quite intent on photobombing all my pictures).

Stripes + Tan(Piperlime Dress -similar here), (Anthropologie Belt), (Boots-Old, similar here), (Watch-Target discontinued La Mer collection, similar here), (Banana Republic earrings-similar here), (Hair Style) (Nailpolish-Essie Stylenomics)


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