Red + Gray

I should preface this by saying this is my favorite winter outfit when it’s a typical Alabama winter, not the current 9 degree temps we are having right now. Currently I’m dressed more like this:

Which is pretty much the only way to dress when the wind chill is -1. Here’s a run down of my pieces for when the weather is more of its typical 45-5o degrees:

1. A long sweater that’s kind of like still wearing my bathrobe, but more stylish.

2. My go to earrings for any weekend (mine are real, these are dupes).

3. My shoes are ridiculously old, I love these bowed mule updates.

4. Girlfriend jeans that aren’t skin tight, but not ridiculously baggy.

5. Smokin’ hot, my favorite semi-dark polish.

6. The Epcot tee that I love because it has my birth year on it (you can find it online through the shop Disney app).

7. My bracelets are a stack from my favorite local shop Sweet Pineapple (if you’re local they may still have them in store). These bracelets are a close second.

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Valentine’s Popcorn

When one has been “snowed in” for six days straight, you start making snacks:

With some popcorn, Chex, and melted white chocolate:

And you’ve got a fabulous no snow, snow day snack:

Or if you’re super lazy:

Just heat up some popcorn and toss in sweet and sour gummies. Ha! Happy another day off of school friends!

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Drawer re-organization

I’ve been doing a bit of small scale re-organization, cleaning out cabinets and drawers that I’ve stuffed random items into, or just overly collected bobby pins:

I had been trying to figure out a way to organize this very slim, but deep door, and I found this at Target:

So, I used the smallest three in the drawer:

And then for the other two baskets, I straightened out the cabinet under my sink:


Drawer and cabinet transformed!

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It’s still freezing here, we had a bit of a reprieve this weekend, in the form of 33 degrees. The boys bundled up and headed out in the frigid temps to at least be outside for a few minutes. Definitely a far leap from the seventy degree temperatures we had last January.

Despite the frigid cold we bundled up to run some errands, at Home Depot:



And Target:


B is working on a fancy metal earth R2-D2:

And when the boys aren’t braving the cold:

They’re lounging with the pups! And that’s a bit of our life lately.

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Friday Favorites

We’re preparing for another round of freezing temps, cancelled school, and potential ice by having sixty plus degree weather. This is Alabama, friends. On another note, we discovered a little bird nest once our stump tree lost all its leaves. I think our birds have finally decided our tree is better than the columns on our front porch. J has been dealing with allergy issues all week, so I’ve been working on the fly trying to juggle him at home some, lots of basketball, and my first week of the semester. B also was out of town early in the week, so we ended up at my sister’s house for dinner quite a bit. Her dinner’s were a big hit with my boys, so they’re featured on my Friday favorites this week!

1. I added these three steps to my hair wash routine.

2. Resolutions I could actually work toward achieving.

3. The history of stripes is going on my January/February reading list.

4. The pasta dish J ate at my sister’s house Tuesday night and wants me to make again, like right now.

5. This silly faces game would be right up J’s alley of giggles.

6. The dinner we had at my sister’s house Wednesday night that is seriously on par with fancy restaurants. It’s so good, y’all. Make this now.

7. Thinking about picking up cross-stitching as a hobby, and it’s apparently on trend.

8. A perfect side table set-up.

9. The salad my sister took for lunch this week and I’m going to make for next week.

10. And speaking of cross-stitching…some good stitches to know.

11. Dress + boots perfection.

12. A humorous book to add to my reading list.

And finally my other favorite of the week is A trying to teach J how to jump out of the way quickly, when playing tag.

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The allusive wild wolf

One night while we were driving to J’s basketball practice we had the following conversation:

J: Do you think a wild wolf would come to our house sometime?

me: I don’t think so, why?

J: Because there’s one that lives in our neighborhood, and I want a wild wolf to come to our house so I can pet it.

me: ok, how do you know it lives in our neighborhood?

J: I saw it.

me: when? I didn’t see one.

J: You wouldn’t see him, he’s too sneaky for you to see. My friend at school has a wild wolf.

me: Really? Who?

J: You don’t know him, he’s always on vacation.

me: Then how do you know him if he’s always on vacation?

J: Because he goes to my school.

Henceforward, J is now obsessed with wild wolves (which yes, I know all wolves are wild, but this is his term). He’s obsessed with reading about wolves, seeing one outside, and for his birthday I have a little plan of a wild wolf (of the not real kind) appearing.

Here are some of his favorite wolf items!

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Friday Favorites

Happy Freeze-day, friends. We are not getting the intense snow and ice of the east coast, we are just sitting at about 25 degrees for four consecutive days. The boys have had late starts everyday because it’s been even colder in the mornings, which has eased us back into work/school mode. I’m scrambling to finish up my courses before the semester starts, as well as, planning for J’s sixth birthday (less than a month away, yikes!). In between doing that, here are some of my favorites of the week!

1. An inspirational book to jump into the new year.

2. The soup my sister made and gave me leftovers (it was amazing!).

3. This house is everything I love, open concept, centered kitchen, not stuffy.

4. Cozy chic wear for these frigid temps.

5. Organizing by simplifying.

6. Boots!

7. The beginnings of J’s Batman birthday inspiration.

8. I may just eat only soup for the rest of winter. Just saying.

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Sheet pan dinner: bone in pork chops with veggies

This dinner is so simple, yet so good! It only takes one sheet pan, thirty minutes, and you’re done! Here’s the list of ingredients:

4 bone in thick cut pork chops (don’t substitute boneless, it’ll dry out)

2 cups halved fresh brussel sprouts (ends trimmed outer leaves removed)

3-4 small russet potatoes, peeled and chopped

2 cups halved baby carrots

Salt, pepper, ground cinnamon, chili powder and olive oil.


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Cover a large pan with heavy foil and spray with nonstick spray. Place first four ingredients on pan. Drizzle olive oil over everything and then dust with your spices. Cook for fifteen minutes, then flip the pork chops sprinkle the other side with a little more cinnamon and chili powder and then cook another twelve-fifteen minutes until the pork chops are cooked completely.

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It’s so ridiculously cold, y’all. We’ve spent our winter break attempting to do almost nothing and we were successful! I took a complete (and rare) break from work, and slept in. We played video games, built legos, and worked on puzzles with the boys. I read five books, and watched a bunch of movies. It was wonderful.

Now we are back to school and work in what, I believe, is a northern winter of some sorts ( -1?). I’ve been doing a bit of baking, one of my Christmas bakes that I thought was a total flop:

Turned out to be a winner with the addition of whipped cream.

And then I made everything bagel biscuits (from the new smitten kitchen cookbook) for lunch:

That I could eat again and again.

And I loaded up on groceries from Trader Joe’s:

I’m hoping this will hold me for a few months.

My Mom, sister, and I shopped the after Christmas sales:

And I stocked up on some of my Sephora favorites:

B and I celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary and in true form of two parents in their thirties, I don’t have any pictures of just us, so this will have to suffice:

And that’s a bit of our life lately! Happy Wednesday!

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