Animal Print + Neutrals

I’m going to start off by telling you absolutely everything in this outfit is at least over a year old. I tend to “collect” clothes and I have a real difficulty parting with stuff (as my closet can attest to). I have re-created the “look” as close as I can with the links below. Enjoy!

Animal Print + Neutrals + Pop of Yellow[Skirt], [Top], [Belt], [Shoes], [Earrings], [Bracelet], [Hair]

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Seventy tulips

Seventy TulipsAlthough it doesn’t look like much right now, beneath this garden are 70 tulips waiting for spring….

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Friday Favorites

September 2014J, happiest when he gets to be outside exploring. A, happiest when he is drawing and coloring his next great adventure.

Giving a sweater dress a feminine + elegant touch.

I’m not in the market for a new diaper bag, but I sure wish I had this backpack about two years ago. It looks amazing.

Ten things NOT to do at Disney World.

A fall perfect textured gray throw.

And speaking of fall some fun (and free) Halloween printables.

The best way to study, I already translated this to speaking practice for my class. So smart!

Obviously I need to find some indoor plants because I keep looking up articles on them. Jade seems like a gorgeous option.

Great style options for fall that include my favorite fall color (or anytime color): gray.

Speaking to every parent that has ever had to potty train a child, or carry a child yelling “NO! MORE TRAIN NOW!” out of a Barnes & Noble while people stare at you like you are crazy. Why do they look at you like you are crazy? I’m not the one yelling, people. HA!

Great ideas to switch up your own lunch routine. The ciabatta sandwich looks amazing and simple. Trying it next week!

We had A’s first parent-teacher conference this week. His reading is progressing really well and I am now getting BOB books to help him along based on his teacher’s recommendation.

This tumblr of mom stock photos will make you laugh out loud. I promise. Go read it. Today.

Every year Santa brings the boys their presents in some sort of organizing container. I’m thinking “he” might get crafty this year and make “his” own. “He” better start working now!

And lastly, as we usher in fall this weekend marshmallow chocolate chip magic bars. You all know I can’t resist a good toasted marshmallow!

Have a great weekend!


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How I persuaded J to leave the library….and a summer reading update

libraryJ LOVES the library and story time. J does not love leaving the library and story time. Therefore, I have to find an opportune window to leave in which I do not have to carry him out mid-temper tantrum. On Wednesday it was a Monster’s University DVD. That we already own at home. But he wanted to watch it and carried it around in his hands the whole time. So we checked out that DVD. Because it meant I could leave without a tantrum. And entering and leaving the library tantrum free is a good day. So now on to an update of summer reading…

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Stripes + Tan

I love sharing where I got my clothes. If you tell me that you like something I will tell you where I got it. Kind of like sharing a food recipe, except better because you can wear it. HA! Anyway, since I am dressing it up for work right now, I thought I would share a bit of what I am wearing (and maybe sometimes what J is wearing since he is quite intent on photobombing all my pictures).

Stripes + Tan(Piperlime Dress -similar here), (Anthropologie Belt), (Boots-Old, similar here), (Watch-Target discontinued La Mer collection, similar here), (Banana Republic earrings-similar here), (Hair Style) (Nailpolish-Essie Stylenomics)


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Feels like 32

32This kid (the one on the left) is 32. How did we get to be 32? When I started blogging we were 27. Seriously! I love how excited the boys get about birthdays now. You really cannot even attempt to contain the excitement that surrounds birthdays and holidays for kids. You just crowd control to the best of your ability. They were standing on the window sills watching for everyone to arrive, dancing around at the prospect of hot dogs, beans, and cake, and proclaiming their excitement over every opened gift (even shorts, which to me was a bit of a stretch, but hey).

I don’t go too sentimental with these sorts of things, however when I started writing this post I couldn’t help but think about how I was telling a funny story at a dinner with friends the other night and it ended with “and then I met B at a party and we got married the same year, so it all worked out”. And then everybody laughed at the irony of my lead up story (that’s a story for another post…ha!), and then getting married to B in what some would consider a pretty short span of time. Eight years later, sharing birthdays with him, there’s no place I’d rather be.

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Friday Favorites

friday favoritesOur summer heat wave is about to take a turn towards fall, so the boys have been eager to expend their last bits of water-filled outdoor time. A has always been super particular about water, so this picture of him soaking himself is a true anomaly. I’ve always said both boys could go out to play in the sprinkler and J will come in soaked through and A will come in bone dry. Not this time.

And speaking of fall (we were talking about that, weren’t we?), one of my favorite things is new make-up trends. I already have this eye liner, and a satiny green nail polish on my list.

I’m trying to decided on floor cushions for our study, and this Chevron one is on my list.

I opened a new Agatha Christie book the other night and was telling B how much I appreciate the smell of a new book. Obviously, that makes my side of the physical book vs. digital book debate clear.

For A’s fall activities we decided to do non-committal tennis lessons and two four-week after school clubs. Our on-going discussion into choosing those activities really resonates with this article on the choices of after-school activities.

A party sign with maximum impact and minimal effort.

Adorable totem animals to introduce geometric shapes to little hands.

A vibrant and playful cherry tree print.

I’m not particularly stringent on rules of etiquette in hosting, but I find the ideas within it fascinating.

Go outside and play.

A little bunting craft, made for doing with your favorite five year old.

Simple lunchbox ideas that I could truly translate to the boys’ lunches.

A lovely living room update that could be done in a weekend and with a trip to Target.

And lastly, A’s birthday party theme, presents, and activities changes daily right now. One of his ideas was “camping where everybody camps. And such.” His words. That boy.

Have a great weekend!

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Happy little gardner

Fall FlowersJ helped me plant fall mums on Monday and it got me thinking about how wonderful the age of two and a half is…

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A’s not so favorite bike trail

Trail 4For the most part our hiking adventures go really well, but there are a few exceptions….

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Sunday Celebration

Celebration 4We are at five straight weeks of church attendance for J, and I couldn’t be prouder of him! After having to take a pretty distinctive hiatus because of his anxiety (and hence screaming), from being left in the nursery he now marches in with his backpack and a smile to his Sunday School class. In addition to that milestone, today was a special celebration at our church for the opening of the new children’s wing that holds a special place in our hearts…

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