Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesA waving bye to first grade! He has grown so much this year. He is the most loving, happy kid. And he loves school! His teacher, Mrs. Clark, has been wonderful. She is encouraging, kind, and helped A to excel in school! I’m hoping I’ve got enough activities, crafts, and books to keep him busy this summer. He’s already busy making his way through a stack of about twenty books my Mom sent home with him. And that’s just from yesterday!

Now on to a few favorites…

A casserole recipe that isn’t really a recipe, but a method. Smart!

Baseball. It’s the moment when your kid hasn’t gotten a hit in three games and he hits the ball and you become the mom who is jumping and yelling “run”!! It’s that moment.

What to eat before and after you exercise. I would eat lemon raspberry muffins. But that’s just me.

Styling a white tee for when it’s super hot during the day but still cooler at night. So…for today and tomorrow.

A is planning to start cub scouts this fall! Which means we are going to camp. Which means we’ll need camping supplies. This favorite brought to you by Benadryl, Allegra, Singular, Flonase, Kleenex, and Zyrtec. Not really. But kind of. Bwahahaha!

Braided bracelets DIY. For you to make while your kids make cd fish.

The sunglasses I’m going to pick up and then probably promptly misplace.

A book to put on A’s Christmas list.

And finally, hand stand goals.

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Last day of school project

J 3 YR Pre KYesterday was J’s last day of 3 year pre-K! He has grown so much this year (and not just in height). He can count to forty, knows all of his letters, and can tell us lots of stories from The Bible! He LOVES school and much of that is because of his wonderful teacher this year. I’m so thankful for the program that J has been a part of and I can’t believe next year will be his last year of pre-K.

As it was his last day of school, I decided to forgo my usual lesson planning in the morning and tackle a project I’ve been planning that would be more difficult to accomplish with him at home! We have two bar stools in our kitchen:

Bar Stool RefreshObviously this is not our kitchen. And obviously I need to pressure wash our drive way. However, that’s besides the point. My parents gave these stools to us when they moved and they are great function wise, but the color doesn’t match our kitchen. At first I decided to just buy new bar stools, so I headed to Target and picked up two. A showed me how immediately he could easily tip them over just trying to get on the stool. Thus, we returned them immediately. I then started looking elsewhere, but really didn’t want to spend $300-500 dollars on a bar stool.

While at Hobby Lobby I picked up this paint:

PaintI had read about it here and decided to give it a try. The 8 oz jar was more than enough to paint both bar stools (with two coats). You only need to lightly sand (if it’s finished) the furniture and you don’t need a sealant.

I collected a few more tools that I already had on hand:

PaintI did the first coat:

Bar StoolsThe main issue I had was there are a lot of nooks and crannies with the stools, so I had to use the brush to get in different corners and then smooth it out with the small roller. I used really light coats. You want to avoid glopping it on because then it will bubble up (something I’ve learned from past projects). I let the chairs dry for about thirty minutes and then lightly sanded them and did a second coat.

After the second coat, I looked at the chairs in the sunlight and noticed a few more spots that were not completely covered:

Bar Stool RefreshSo, I touched up those and then let the stools dry in the garage for about two hours:

Bar Stool RefreshAnd voila! Chairs that look as good as new.


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Tsum Tsum Love

We are headed to Disney this summer! It’s the first time we’ve really been back (save for a short stop with A when he was 1 and a 1/2), since B and I’s honeymoon ten years ago. This is also our first vacation where just the four of us are going. The boys are incredibly excited and so are we! And J was especially excited because guess what Disney has? Tsum Tsums. And guess what J collects? Tsum Tsums.

Tsum TsumHe has been going through the Disney store on-line making his little list of ones he wants to find, and I have to say I’m excited about finding them too! Here is his current list:

Tsum TsumA also likes Tsum Tsums, but is also excited about the many Disney decorated office supplies:

Tsum TsumAnd J thinks I definitely need a Minnie Mouse, and I have my eye out for a few other items:

DisneyI’ll be sure to share all of the details, restaurants, and places we went after the trip! It is definitely going to be one of the highlights of our summer!

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Local Eats: Below the Radar

Below the RadarFor our lunch date this past week we decided to head to a local brewery, Below the Radar. As we usually do, we got there right at 11 (as soon as it opened), so there wasn’t anyone there but us. Our waitress was great, very polite, attentive, but not hovering. On the other hand, the food getting to us was slow (it took us an hour for two pretty basic sandwiches), and while the sandwiches were pretty good, we both thought they were a bit dry (in the defense of the Cuban, B gets his sandwiches with no dressing, however, my Mom had the same sandwich with dressing another night and said the same thing).

I had the banh mi sandwich:

Banh MiAnd B had the Cuban sandwich:

Cuban SandwichAs you can see they were pretty basic, typical of what you would think of bar food, where the true purpose is the brewery itself. Which, as far as ambience, is pretty great. You can see the large brewing area through a window glass in the back. B did try one of their local beers and enjoyed it:

Below the radarI don’t know that we’ll rush back, but it is definitely a good place to try if you are interested in our local brewery scene!

Below the Radar


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Games, movies, and wrapping up baseball

This weekend we played some board games:

Board GamesWere totally tired out from swim team:

Swim teamA played his second to last baseball game of the season:

Baseball J tried root beer for the first time (and loved it!):

Root beerAnd A stuck to his usual (Sprite when he can’t have Dr. Pepper):

SpriteAnd we took a few family pics at dinner after watching the new Angry Birds Movie:

PieologyDinnerWe wrapped our weekend with A having his last practice of the season and receiving his trophy. He has improved so much this season! I base much of that on his terrific coaches, lots of practices, and B working with him nightly to improve his hitting and catching:


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Behind the face

I’m nine chapters of outlining in…

Behind the face...And am way to lazy to figure out why the back of this picture is blue. Continuing on…

After my post on Clinique city block, I used it for several more weeks and realized it was making my face break-out. OF COURSE. It’s supposed to be for sensitive skin, but as I’ve learned, what is for sensitive skin, doesn’t always work for my sensitive skin. I have weird sensitive skin. Atypical, but certainly typical for me. I thought I’d share what works for me (don’t take this as testament that it’ll work for you, I’m just sharing what works for me).

So here is my typical line-up:

Behind the faceWhen I first met B two things I introduced him two were face wash and moisturizer. He probably won’t appreciate me sharing that, HA! Not that he didn’t use those, but they were full of fragrances, etc. B has skin that is very similar to mine, so we tend to use similar products. I stay away from anything that says “natural” “plant based” because while those may be “green” or healthier for some people, for B and I (and the boys) it’s basically a bad allergic reaction waiting to happen.

My skin also gets super dry, and my helpful salesperson at Sephora told me it was because I wasn’t exfoliating enough in addition to moisturizing. I was super hesitant about using an exfoliator, but she convinced me that First Aid’s facial radiance pads would work. And they do! And they are awesome…her tip was to cut them in half so they’ll last longer.

I use the radiance pads a couple times a week and then I use my Clarisonic on the other days. I use the delicate brush head (also recommended by my salesperson at Sephora).

For an eye make-up remover I use Clinique’s take the day off oil, which also works double to clean my beauty blender. If I’m putting on moisturizer at night, I use Neutrogena’s oil free sensitive and for the morning and around my eyes I use Sephora’s instant moisturizer. As I mentioned earlier, my skin is weird…the instant moisturizer isn’t for sensitive skin, but it doesn’t make my face break-out. I also use it instead of an eye cream, since a certain person (who will remain nameless….Jessica) scared the crap out of me of picking an eye cream. I really don’t want to permanently scar the skin around my eyes, so I’m sticking with the Sephora moisturizer for now.

And if I have any trouble spots, I use Neutrogena on the spot, which I’ve been using since high school (not the same tube of it…that’d be unsanitary). I bleached the carpet of my bedroom at my parents’ house with it. So there’s that.

Oh and by the way, I went back to my old standard of sunscreen:

SunblockIf I need to wear sunscreen, but don’t want to smell like it, I wear Neutrogena’s clear face. It literally smells like nothing. And…it doesn’t make my face break-out. So hurray! And the Coppertone sport holds up really well. And also doesn’t make my skin break-out.

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Save the printer paper

Printer paperThe boys color, draw pictures, make Mario maps, and fraction books daily. They had gone through ALL of their drawing paper and had moved on to asking for printer paper. And then using that up as fast as they could. On a shopping trip to Target B said he would pick up more paper. He came home with four different types of drawing paper, a Winnie the Pooh coloring book, a new DS holder for J’s DS (because his broke), and another Wiimote so everyone can play Mario Party 10 at the same time. I laughed and laughed because after over years of grocery shopping at Target, B has finally got sucked into the Target realm.

targetThe boys should definitely be set for awhile!

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Macaroni Salad

Macaroni SaladThe boys do not care for pasta salads of this nature, so when I get the opportunity to make one and save a bit for myself I take it. Such an opportunity arose last week when the Moms at J’s school organized a lunch for teacher appreciation week. I made The Pioneer Woman’s Mexican Macaroni Salad, which turned out to be AWESOME. Such a good salad. And makes enough for a small army. So enough for me to get a helping out for lunch. My recommendation would be to judge the strength of your red onion before adding a whole half. A quarter of a red onion was plenty for the salad I made. And I substituted black beans for the red beans.

Try it! You’ll be glad you did. On another note, I wanted to share a picture of A hanging out at J’s T-Ball game.

AJ spends a lot of time hanging out at A’s games, but not much vice versa. A wrapped up reading the BFG, while cheering on his brother. I can’t believe we are already done with T-Ball season for J! He’s already excited for it to start again.

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Game playing + car washing

Game playing Car washing Car washinigOur weekend started with a late night baseball practice for A on Friday and an early morning game on Saturday. Besides that the boys spent the rest of the weekend running around in the backyard playing “Bowser Cat” (their current favorite game…don’t ask me the rules), updating their Animal Crossing games, and helping wash the cars. We also grocery shopped, went to church, and did a set of fun time weekend chores. Hurray for the weekend! And now back to lesson planning…

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesIf A wakes up early in the morning this is where I find him.

How Victoria Beckham defines well dressed traveling.

Bright colors + Unique items at St. Frank in San Francisco.

A new book to pack in J’s backpack for summer travels.

Beauty hacks straight from Fashion Week.

Half up hair trick, perfect for my hair length (but you could try it on just about any length)

Fashion in the desert.

Wonderful hikes and sites at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Adding some meat to cheese tortellini, which would make both B and the boys happy.

Interview questions you should know and know the answers to (with examples!).

And while we’re at it….how to be a boss.

Simply ways to effectively update a guest bedroom. Or create one in general if you have none.

A bread recipe that’s got me thinking I need to buy a cloche.

And finally, tide pools and restaurants at beautiful Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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