Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesCool kid headed to school.

Cherry blossoms.

If you’re looking to splurge on Mother’s Day…

Double denim.

Ideas to make your office space productive and lovely.

A would love these library essentials.

Cinnamon toast tiramisu = breakfast cereal elevated.

Capturing the little things.

Home updates on the cheap.

A watercolor squares project to add to my summer to do list with the boys.

Spring wear…of course with how hot it is lately, I could call it future fall wear.

Different ideas for updating a boys’ room without losing the whimsy.

Don’t forget the fish.

Cooking essentials to teach your kids before they head to college. So they can make more than ramen and cereal.

Ten books to take if you’re stranded on a desert island. Assuming you could predict that’s going to happen.

Blazer + sneakers.


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Walking home with J

Focusing in on starting a new course, outlining chapters, and putting in final grades, I’m loving having the breaks to be able to walk to pick up J and wander with him home. It’s so much better than driving! Hearing him chat about all the things he says and sees on the way makes my day. Plus, I’m working out by running to go get him!

We stopped and smelled the flowers:

Walking home with JWe counted 1-30 of sidewalk squares:

Walking home with JWe checked out all the rocks in the gully between the ponds:

Walking home with JWe looked at all the spider webs on the fences (perhaps J’s favorite part, because one of his favorite books is The Very Busy Spider).

Walking home with J And we stared at the sticks in the grass and wondered why they were there:

IMG_7230And finally we held hands and picked up any rocks we found on the rest of our way:

Walking home with JIt was great fun for J and an excellent break in the day for me!

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Smoked chicken quesadillas

Smoked chicken quesadillaQuesadillas are a perfect Sunday night dinner, and these simple quesadillas were made a little extra special by throwing the chicken on the grill for a few minutes right before assembling.

First, I top the chicken with taco spices and add a bit of canola oil on top and then put it on a foil lined baking sheet.

Second, I roast the chicken in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes.

Third, I gather all of my toppings (cheese, onions, mushrooms, etc.) while the chicken is roasting (and B starts the smoker and adds a hickory wood chip).

Fourth, after the chicken is cooked through, I put it in a mixer and shred it using a paddle attachment (which is a hundred times easier than shredding it with forks).

Fifth, B puts the shredded chicken in a foil pan and puts it on the smoker for 3-6 minutes. It develops all the flavors of the chicken, and gives it a slightly deeper taste than your typical roasted chicken. You can add in a little bit of tomato sauce and another tablespoon of taco seasonings if you are afraid it’s getting too dry.

Sixth, assemble and eat!

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Weekend in a snap

I completely ran out of time to do Friday Favorites this week! And then in trying to update it on Saturday I deleted the last Friday Favorites I did! Such is life. I’m working on starting anew this week. I’m knee deep in grading, final exams, and end of the semester work. I’m looking forward to the break just so I can start working on lesson planning for the fall. I have a feeling this summer is going to really fly by. Here’s a quick wrap up of our weekend!

James playing with his collection of horses and talking to his Papa at A’s baseball game:

Weekend Wrap UpA finished Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets this weekend:

Weekend Wrap UpHis favorite character so far is Hermione, because in A’s words “She’s smart and thinks things through”.

I’ve had to miss my Reboot class twice because of the boys’ ball practices and games, so I decided on Sunday I needed to get back out and start running since I haven’t had a chance to exercise all week:

Weekend Wrap up It’s nice to see per usual that the south has skipped Spring and is barreling straight toward Summer.

And finally, I got a great stack of books for A and J from the library (A is finishing up The Ball Park Mysteries series, so I got four more of those). J’s current favorite is this one:

Weekend Wrap UpHe’s also loving In The Deep Dark Deep and Let’s Play!

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Current Reads

For me:

Current ReadsFor A:

Current ReadsIs there anything better than a stack of books beside a bed? Love.

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Semester expressions…

How I feel at the beginning of a semester:

IMG_0276How I feel the last two weeks of the semester:

IMG_0417How I feel after I’m finally done entering grades:


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Mother’s Day Wish List

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I created a list of a few favorites for ideas for the boys.

Mother's Day Wish List[Cookbook][Sweater][Print][Earrings][Watch]

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Bubbles Bubbles

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Little grass plant

J had a little grass plant that he grew at school from an itty bitty seed. His class watered their plants each day, decorated the cups, and he loved his plant! He brought it home and it sat happily by the window for several weeks continuing to grow….and spread pollen through our house. For our sake and the plants, it needed to move to greener pastures, so I finally convinced J that we needed to plant it out in the backyard where it could grow and help the grass.

It took quite a bit of convincing, but finally this weekend we removed our lemon tree (that died. Because we left it outside in the winter. Which you should not do.) and planted his little grass plant:

Little grass plantThat’s his posing in the sun, which is bright, and trying to smile.

And we planted the little grass patch in the ground:

Little grass plantWith lots of fresh dirt, to help him grow! Hopefully he will take hold and spread across the little dirt patch and cover it completely. In the meantime, J will be watching and watering it carefully. And making sure his brother doesn’t try to roll on it. Seriously. That was discussed.

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Chicken taco salad

Chicken taco saladThis is a Pioneer Woman “recipe” although it’s really just a chicken pile on. What made this so good, is roasting the chicken for 25 minutes in the oven with taco seasonings and then chopping it up, fresh salsa, and Mission organic blue corn chips (no this is not some sort of advertisement). I discovered the blue corn chips at Target and the boys and I are now obsessed with them. So yummy!

And when we had it Friday night for dinner, we finished it off with fresh brownies:

BrowniesOur favorites are the Ghiradelli double chocolate box! (Again…not an advertisement).

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